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How To Know If You Security Camera has Been Compromised?

security camera
Security cameras are becoming more in demand today. Many homeowners and business owners are apparently incorporating different variations of CCTV and surveillance cameras into their respective security systems. Due to its efficiency and effectiveness to provide security and monitor activities, users largely depend their security...
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How Payment Gateways Work

Payment Gateways
In all probability, you’ve benefited from a modern payment technology, perhaps without even knowing it. If you’re launching an e-commerce business, you’ve heard about payment gateways and how they’re essential to your operations. Here’s how payment gateways work. Payment Gateways in a Nutshell Think of...
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How to Know for Certain That Your Computer Is Compromised

computer security
Sometimes tech just functions poorly — but sometimes it functions poorly because it has been compromised by malicious programs or hackers. Bringing your computer back to normal after an attack isn’t easy, and you shouldn’t have to struggle to right malware wrongs if you don’t...
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The 5 Best Ways To Secure Your Business Against Cybercrime

Cybercrime can strike at any time, so it pays for businesses to take preventative action if they want to avoid falling foul of common security complications. Here are just five tips on how to protect your organization against many of the common threats and avoid...
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Body-worn cameras, the future for private security?

As body-worn cameras (BWC) become more prevalent among police forces and the military, there has been a rise in the number of private security personnel using them. From bouncers at nightclubs to prison officers, more and more private firms are seeing the benefit of body-worn...
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Most Used Online Banking Options

Online Banking
When it comes to paying for good and services online, there are some payment options which are more preferred than others. While some merchants will prefer fast and safe transactions other will go for options with low withdrawal limits. Although many people have been using...
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5 Most Popular Hosting Issues

If you’re a newbie and visiting a web hosting site for the first time you are sure to face some problems. Don’t worry; we have you covered, here are some of the common issues that are often encountered by people when they access a web...
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Why Businesses Can Benefit From Call Tracking

call tracking
Regardless if you’re a neophyte in the market, a buzzing name in the industry, or a giant conglomerate, one thing is for sure: your marketing game will always have to be on part with the market’s needs, or your business will be in big trouble....
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