You might think that a hacker would not be bothered with your website, after all, there is nothing of real value on a small business website, surely? Wrong! There are a number of reasons why a hacker might target a small business website, or even a personal one.

Searching for Vulnerability

Hackers send out special malicious files that scan the web looking for vulnerable computers and websites, and often they find a way in via a webpage plug in. Your website might not be a specific target, but it could be used to gain access to other data that is stored on your computer. If you want to be sure that your website is safe from hackers, there are penetration testing and ethical hacking companies in Sydney who will test your site for security and then make recommendations based upon the results of the testing.

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Selling Information

Data is worth money, and there are unscrupulous hackers who steal data that can be used by marketing companies, which might involve infecting a computer and tracking what websites the user visits. A worst-case scenario would be if a hacker stole a company’s financial data (customer’s credit card details) and in the wrong hands, this data can be used to buy goods online, or even to empty bank accounts. There are also some further reading on why a hacker might be interested in your website, which you should definitely check.

Digital Vandalism

There are hackers who attack websites purely because they can, and in such a case, they might wish to simply destroy your data, for no other reason than they can. This might involve hacking into the admin account and then deleting all the data posted on a website, and if you haven’t backed up the website, then you have lost everything.

Specific Hacking Objectives

Less common, yet extremely dangerous, is when a hacker steals data to order from a specific source. This might be initiated by a competitor who wants to steal your customer information, which can then be used by a competitor company to make contact with your clients and offer them a better deal than you are.

Don’t Take Chances

You would be surprised if you knew how often websites are hacked, and one issue is that victims do not come forward, making it very difficult to accurately assess the number of victims of cyber-theft. There are specialist providers who will test your website to see how easy it is for a hacker to steal your data, and once you join forces with a cyber-security specialist, you can rest assured that any weaknesses will be quickly fortified.

It is very much a myth that hackers are only interested in corporate giants, and whether you are a new business or already well-established, your website is at risk from cyber-attack. If you don’t want to become another victim of cyber-theft, search online for a cyber-security expert who can firmly close all the open doors that exist, and protect your valuable online data from predatory attacks.

You wouldn’t leave the doors to your home or office open, and without protection, that is exactly what you are doing with your website.