In this age of big data, we have to deal with many downsides. Personal identifiable information, financial data and industrial data has become the target of network hackers.

With hackers becoming ever smart and always staying a step ahead of network administrators and managers, most affected organizations could only react a few years ago. However, today, there is a way to stay ahead of the hackers and possibly beat them at their own game. This is the ethical hacking way.

What is ethical hacking?

In layman’s language ethical hacking is doing to your network what a hacker would do. However, you hack your organization’s network with the objective of finding anomalies so that they can be rectified, before the “real” hacker comes.

Ethical hacking is also referred to as penetrative testing. This is the main way that organizations can use to stay ahead of hacker by finding and sealing loopholes that such cyber criminals can find and exploit. An ethical hacker uses the same resources, techniques and tools that a criminal hacker would use. Whatever vulnerabilities an ethical hacker finds in the network should be reported to the management.

Who is an ethical hacker?

This is a person with great technical skills and network knowledge to identify loopholes in a network, penetrate it and attempt to violate it. In every way, this is a person with extreme hacking skills. He is hired for these skills to help companies cover their backside, so to speak, against loss or illegal manipulation of their data. This person can also be referred to as a white hat hacker, while a criminal hacker is called a black hat hacker. If you wish to be an ethical hacker, having one of these best laptops for Linux can be a perfect tool for you to start as Kali Linux is the best operating system to run various ethical hacking software.

Why is ethical hacking important?

Ethical hacking is necessary because it exposes the vulnerabilities that black hat hackers can exploit to get inside your network. In this digital age, you cannot simply sit and wait to react when an attack on your network happens. In the tech world, if you are one second too late, the losses could be tremendous to say the least.

With ethical hacking you are anticipating what a criminal could do to your networks and then you take steps to prevent such from happening. The person who has data today gets all the influence. This is why data has become so crucial. Networks protect data and because it is valuable, hackers will always attempt to steal it. You can do ethical hacking on your network to find out possible ways that criminals could use to get your data.

Another reason why you need ethical hacking is when you are in some of the most crucial industries. The financial industry is always a big and tantalizing target for hackers. It has become so lucrative such that even rogue states sponsor hackers to penetrate financial networks.

Corporate espionage is a serious threat too. Thus, hackers are now targeting corporate travelers even in hotel rooms. This is why no industry is safe at all. Thankfully, hiring an ethical hacker can help a lot in pre-empting these attacks and keeping your data safe.

Please note that since networks are “live” and are always evolving, ethical hacking should become a company lifestyle rather than a one-off deal.

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