Technological innovations have revolutionized almost all areas of life, and training or exercising to achieve fitness is no exception. Technology has permeated the fitness industry in a big way, as can be seen through wearable technologies, fitness mobile apps, online tutorials, and training equipment.

Below are some of the hottest training technologies that you cannot ignore:

Fitness apps

With mobile devices becoming so common and widespread, developers across the globe have developed apps that help people take control of their workouts and nutritional program. The apps have also done away with the need to have personal trainers to guide the trainees. Some of the apps, like Yoga studio, Runkeeper, and Strava, guide users, especially in activities where technique and guidance are necessary. What renders apps so popular is their ease of access and their user-friendliness. Moreover, the apps come with video content and tutorials. They also have features that monitor your fitness or that can be used as a diary.

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Wearable technologies

Fitness enthusiasts often want to keep tabs on their progress and activity levels. This need has made wearable gadgets embedded with sensors become more popular. For example, the wristband helps to determine your heart rate and activity level, and it gathers crucial information about the user’s improvement. Other gadgets help to encourage users to attain their fitness targets, for instance Pavlok, which produces a mild shock to influence behavioral activity, thus preventing negative tendencies and motivating users to achieve their goals. Some of the most popular gadgets include Apple Watch and Fitbit. Some of the models of these gadgets come with mobile data capture, which helps to collect data to monitor activity levels and the number of burned calories.

Customized online fitness programs

Online fitness solutions that are available on a subscription basis are becoming more popular with fitness enthusiasts. This is because they are tailored to individual needs, unlike the ordinary home videos and programs that offer “one-size-fits-all” solutions. The best thing with these online solutions is that you can train from anywhere, provided you have Internet. Also, the online programs can help people to use personalized diets produced by professional nutritionists.

Social media

While social media has been put to all kinds of uses, with some not being so beneficial, it has positively impacted training or exercising. Through social media platforms, fitness lovers have formed communities that offer support to each other and make it possible to stick to training routines and attain long-term goals. The platforms have taken social support a notch higher. Newbies are able to receive guidance on resources and encouragement to keep training. Fitness communities or club members also get to share their progress and can even find workout buddies or people with similar interests. Furthermore, personal trainers can reach trainees through social media. Fitness communities can also use social media platforms to arrange events and get-togethers to promote fitness more widely. Influencers can additionally use the platforms to build huge followings of fitness lovers and inspire them to keep fit.


The fitness industry has transformed thanks to technology. Some of the technological advancements that have made great changes include fitness apps, wearable technologies, tailor-made online fitness programs, and social media platforms.