After spending time in the gym- working out, where everyone is working sheer hard and perform better and better. But, most of the people don’t know that having a pre-workout meal is as important as a post-workout meal.

Having the right food after your workout is as good and important as having the pre-workout meal. So, that’s why we have created a guide for you telling about the right food after your workout is completed.

How important is it to have a good post-workout diet?

When you have a good workout session, your muscles burst out, pumps up and muscles get depleted of glycogen. Moreover, the muscles are broken down and get damaged. That’s why having a proper post-workout diet can help them rebuild their muscles and regrow the proteins.

Most importantly, one must have proper carbs and protein after the workout which will enhance recovery of the muscles, recover the glycogen stores, and decrease the muscle protein breakdown.

Food to have after your workout

So,here’s what you can eat after your workout:

Whey Protein

Having whey protein with milk can help in the recovery of muscles after the workout. As the name suggests, you get a good amount of protein from it. One scoop in 500ml milk can give you around 600 calories with a blend of proteins, calcium, iron and the right amount of fat. So, it is really good to have Whey Protein for your workout recovery and considered as one of the best things to have after a workout and you can get variety of whey protein using Flipkart Offers Today at discounted prices.

Grilled Chicken

Grilled Chicken is really good to have after a workout. It is a great post-workout meal from which you can have a good amount of everything- whether it is fat, proteins, and carbs. 250 grams of grilled chicken can easily give you 500 calories full of protein, carbs, and fats.

Brown Rice

Having brown rice instead of white rice is a really nice choice. It is a whole grain product with a source of antioxidant. Brown rice is rich in fiber, helps in weight loss, boost metabolism. So, having brown rice after a workout session can be a great option for anyone.

Dry Fruits

Having a handful of dry fruits after a workout is also something one can have. These nuts have a high glycemic index which you can immediately have after a workout. From cashew, almonds to pista, you can have it all and make your muscles recover faster after an intense workout session.

Power Smoothie

Now, this might seem very new to most but trust me, it is a really good and effective post-workout meal to have. Take some plain yogurt, almond milk, soy, some water or ice and blend it with banana or any of your favorite fruit. Moreover, you can easily order fruits using Grofers Promo Codes.  You can also add some peanut butter in it. I kid you not- it is really a rich calories diet one can have. It is full of protein, rich in carbs and a good amount of fat- that’s what most of the people do too after working out.

Egg whites

How can we forget egg white when we are talking about good post-workout meal Egg whites are rich in protein and make your muscles recover faster after an intensive workout? Even 5-6 eggs can easily give around 350 calories. Some people prefer having yolk as it has all the fat. For the ones who want to gain weight, having yolk can help a lot. But, hands down egg white is one of the best post-workout meal anyone can have.

Not only these, but there is also much more one can have after an intensive workout. One can have 2-3 bananas as it is believed that having banana immediately after a workout can help you recover faster. After having a banana, you can have the above mentioned meals. Also, berries, nut butter, yogurt, chocolates- there are many things which one can have after their workout. It is really necessary to have something good though as it will keep you active and recover your muscles. If you don’t have something after a workout, it will lead to fatigue. All said and done, never forget to have a good post-workout meal.