I wrote a while back about my recent health hacking and my weight loss goal I have again recently changed the way I am doing things again to accommodate my lifestyle. So as I have mentioned in past articles I have a very busy life between my business and family life. I at times take on to much and with everything it gets pretty crazy at times.

My life has recently gotten busier as I have been dealing with both my family, business and some additional responsibility. I needed to change my health habits to accommodate my lifestyle. To start with I upgraded from a Fitbit Charge 2 to an Apple Watch. I did this because of easy ability and functionality with my iPhone. You can read all about it in my Apple Watch Series 4 review.

As far as health goes I have started low carbing and carb-cutting and have gotten much more serious about doing this recently. Again notice I said carb cutting and low carbing, not no carb free.

I tried to go carb free and I just can’t stomach the gluten free, soy or rice based kinds of pasta. I basically have cut out white flour as a way to cut back on the carbs. This in its self has been hard, but doable with some effort. I noticed when I did carb free after a few days I got annoyed and thought about quitting my diet.

The next thing I did was started eating a grilled chicken salad for lunch to cut back on my carb intake. I am a big sandwich guy which is not a good habit as lunch meats are full of salts and fats plus the carbs from the bread are bad. I have started eating the spinach leaves as well instead of iceberg lettuce for better nutritional value. I usually doctor a salad up with some fresh string beans, green peppers and maybe a few baby carrots if I am in the mood. I at times will do a tuna salad to mix things up as I get sick of eating the same thing every day.

I have had to modify my breakfast as well I started eating a few egg whites in the morning with fruit. Noticed I said egg whites I am not eating the yokes and I don’t want the extra fat and cholesterol. This has been a challenge as I am a huge oatmeal fan and while I like it carbs are the enemy. But I will on the weekend sometimes make myself a bowl with 1% or skim milk. You have to live a little as well.

I have started the 12 hour fast which I don’t eat anything after dinner from 7 pm – 7 am which has been hard but I have managed to make it work. Sometimes depending on the schedule I only do a 10 hour fast but I am working on it and a diet is never easy.

So far just doing these few things I have tipped the scale 5 pounds in only a few weeks. Using the Apple Watch to remind me to move has helped out a lot when it comes to my weight loss goals as well. The issue can be sitting is the enemy and sitting I really feel is the new smoking.