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Taking The Simple Route With Medical Inventory Software

medical inventory
The behind the scenes efforts of the medical industry can be tricky to navigate when the main focus is put on serving the patients. With that goal in mind, the industry is still built on businesses, which must run smoothly and effectively in order to...
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Apple Watch Series 3 – First Impression

apple watch series 3
I recently tried the Apple Watch Series 3 as my everyday driver for smart wearables and I have to say I was not overly impressed. I would like to say that this is my first impression I will need a few weeks of using it...
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Things To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing Fitness Trackers

Fitness Tracker
Advancement in technology has helped fitness trackers in evolving into one of the biggest trends amongst health enthusiasts who wish to keep a tab on their activity level at all times. Starting from measuring sleep quality to caffeine intake, the fitness trackers are opening up...
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Adidas miCoach Fit Smart Band Review

Adidas miCoach
I am reviewing another smart band today it’s the Adidas miCoach Fit Smart. I was kind of confused by this band at first as it’s not your run of the mill daily fitness tracker. The device I would describe more as a smart heart rate...
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Music Apps on the Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch
I recently purchased an Apple Watch Series 3 to test and to my surprise, the watch does not have a native Spotify and Pandora app. Not all Apple Watch Series 3 have an LTE connection mine does because I bought it through Verizon, but this...
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Stand Up App Review

Stand Up
Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows I have been on a health kick trying to lose weight and my latest find to help with this process if the Stand Up App. Any technology job or office job is filled with not a lot of...
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Fitbit Flex 2 Review

fitbit flex 2
As I have posted before I am trying to get healthy and lose weight I recently purchased The Fitbit Flex 2 to help me monitor my activity during the day. I would have gone with the Microsoft Band 2 if it was not discontinued as...
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Top healthy tips for students this exam season

The exam season is on. With upcoming exams like JEE 2018, MAT, AIPVT, VITJEE, MUOET and OJEE Exam 2018-2019, around the corner it is very important for students to be prepared, positive and most importantly healthy. Here are some of the top healthy tips for...
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6 Ways Technology Is Changing Health Care for the Better

blood presure
Image via Flickr by Tunstall Telehealthcare Technological advances in medicine usually come in the form of new types of equipment or new tests to detect diseases. But now, innovative modes of communication are at the forefront of the new advances, improving health care efficiency and...
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