There has been much speculation around if Apple will include a charger with the new iPhone 12. Whether rumor or fact I think it’s a great idea to not include a charger in the box if Apple does it right.

To start with Apple is keeping the lighting port on the new iPhone 12 from the rumors we have heard so this means that every iPhone cord since iPhone 5 will be usable with the new iPhone 12. While most Android phones have adopted the USB-C adapter type Apple stuck with the lighting cable. Apple using the same cable for so long are now able to not include a charger in the new box with the new iPhone 12. Lighting chargers are so readily available Apple can save a few dollars on each phone and cut back on eWaste which is a huge issue in not just America but the entire world.

In European the Parliament wants all phone-makers to adopt a universal port, to reduce waste. But Apple says the move would create more waste by making Lightning-compatible accessories obsolete.

The other issue is when you return any phone iPhone or Android, they never ask for the charger or cable with it which makes more eWaste. Apple sticking with their own propriety cable has made not including the charger with the new iPhone 12 not such a big deal for most of their customers.

I will say that yes Apples cost saving by not including the cable with a new phone is big news and saves money for Apple while cutting back on eWaste which I think is great. As a consumer personally I do not really like the idea. When I get a new iPhone I spent all that money now I need to spend more money to get a charger. This rubs me the wrong way unless Apple makes it so when you but a new iPhone you can specify if you want the charger or not. I think that is a fair trade off for Apple and their customers going forward. Let the consumer decide if they want the new charger or not.