Bestand3 in 1 Apple iWatch Stand is described as the Bestand3 in 1 Apple iWatch Stand, Airpods Charger Dock, Phone Desktop Tablet Holder for Airpods, Apple Watch/ iPhone. I have looked at many of these for a while but this one really caught my eye because of the Airpod charging. I love the fact that I can charge all my everyday carry tech with me in one place every night.

I bought this holder for two reasons and yes I bought the Bestand3 in 1 Apple iWatch Stand this is not a sponsored post. First of all the look is sleek and very cool I liked the shiny silver but the product does come in black as well. For me, I am trying to be more organized as a personal goal for 2020 and to me instead of having wires and everything laying all over my nightstand this gave me a reserved space where everything was up off the table and was in a more condensed area.

The Bestand3 in 1 Apple iWatch Stand even comes with cable ties and cable holders to organize your setup. The only wire included is the one for the AirPod charger because it’s built into the stand itself the rest of the wires are yours that came with your devices. The only thing that was kind of pain was to get the watch holder in the hole it took me a few tries but nothing I would really complain about.

The stand is built very well so I feel comfortable that all my devices are safe when being charged. The company does sell other models that do not include the AirPod charging dock that is about 10 dollars cheaper if you do not own AirPods. If you don’t have an Apple watch they sell setup for just AirPods and iPhone. You can get just a phone holder as well and a generic one for Android users.

After some research, I found that Bestand sells Macbook, iPad, and Nintendo switch holders, plus monitor mounts as well. If you want an all in one place to charge your electronics I feel Bestand3 in 1 Apple iWatch Stand is the right device holder for you.

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