I recently sold my 15-inch MacBook Pro which was three years old for a new 16 inch MacBook Pro and I will say the three-year newer MacBook Pro is rather refreshing with all its changes.

To start with I have the base model with the 500-gig hard drive which is a big step up from the 125 Gig hard drive I had before. While I don’t plan on using all the space it’s nice to be able to load a virtual machine or something and not have to worry about space. The 15-inch base MacBook pro I had only came with a 125 gig solid-state drive 3 years ago.

The next thing I like is the 16-inch display which has much smaller bezels than the 15 inch so you do get much more screen real estate then you did with the 15-inch. The smaller bezels and bigger screen overall give you substantially more real estate on the screen.

The keyboard is a much-needed improvement on the new MacBook Pro and is much quieter on the new 16-inch MacBook Pro. Apple getting away from the butterfly keyboard is great considering Apple has been a major problem with that and now everyone around me does not have to hear me typing the sound difference is amazing.

I do like the fact Apple gave back a physical ESC key and made the power and fingerprint reader its own button with some space.

The speaker quality while sounds better I don’t think they are as loud on the 16-inch as on the 15-inch this is not a huge issue for me but is something I did notice.

I will say I do notice the weight difference between the 15-inch MacBook Pro vs the 16-inch MacBook Pro you can feel and see the size difference in the laptop.

The new charger is a substantial difference with the old MacBook Pro design using the 87-watt power supply and the 16-inch using the new 96-watt power brick.

The video card is a major upgrade for me my 2017 MacBook Pro had a Radeon Pro 555 with 2GB of GDDR5 the new MacBook Pro has a Radeon Pro 5300M with 4GB of GDDR6 so this is a substantial upgrade in the graphics processing.

For me, the upgrade while not a massive upgrade but still a substantial one for me. The bigger screen and hard drive for me alone was enough to warrant a purchase. While my old MacBook Pro was the first for the new design the keyboard and small hard drive were always drawbacks from day one. My MacBook before that was a spinning hard drive not a solid-state so at the time the SSD made everything fast the drawback was the limited space.

I think this is a great piece of hardware and a good purchase.