Apple has been rumored to not be including the wired earbuds with the latest iPhone 12 release and many people find it to be a good move by Apple. I have stated my feelings on Apple not including the charger with the latest iPhone release, but I wanted to just take a second to write about Apple, not including wired earbuds.

To start with Apple has been on this push to remove eWaste which is a huge problem in the world. Apple lead by Tim Cook are very environmentally conscious and this move will help the eWaste issue. One thing to consider is many people never use wired earbuds that are included with the iPhone. But the bigger news is Apple has been slowing transitioning away from wired earbuds to wireless earbuds over the last several years.

To start with Apple removed the headphone jack on the phones with the iPhone 7 and started including a headphone to Lightning adapter with their phones. Then Apple started making EarPods with the lightning connector instead of the 3.5mm headphone plug at the end. Then in 2015, Apple released wireless earbuds that became a huge success for Apple.

Wireless Earbuds are one of the fasted growing hardware products for Apple and not including wired earbuds will help push that market ahead more. While I do not see anyone using wired headphones personally many people probably do and not including them will help push those users forward while cutting back on eWaste.

I honestly think that very few Apple users that use earbuds use the wired ones and while some do and may still want them they will need to pay the $29.99 for EarPods with the Lightning Connector as they will not be included from the rumors we have heard or buy an Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter for $7.99.