Self driving cars aren’t quite here yet, though there is a lot of exciting, emerging tech debuting now in the luxury car world. From Tesla’s Autopilot to the Mercedes-Benz partial driving automation system, safety-assisted driving and self parking are already here. And remote controlled features that sync with smartphones are enabling drivers to start their engines, set the temperature and even fold down the seats to make room.

But for those who cannot afford to buy the latest luxury model car or truck, which let’s face it is most of us, there’s still a lot of tech hacks we can employ to get more comfort, convenience and safety out of our vehicles.

Remote Controlled Safety Features

No matter if you have a old beater or a reliable modern car, any average driver can turn their smartphone into a helpful safety device. GPS technology is standard in any smartphone for navigation, but it’s also great for locating your car. Apple has a built-in setting for this in iPhones when paired with CarPlay or a Bluetooth in the car. And any Android or Google Maps user who’s prone to forgetting where they’ve parked in crowded lots or city streets can set a pin as they park their car to be able to locate it later. There are also Smartphone enabled devices that track everything from tire pressure to check engine light triggers to the location of your child’s car. The Fixd Car Health monitor is a great all-in-one.

Precision Parking

While self-parking technology is still developing, drivers who are intimidated by crowded city parking or are upgrading to a new truck and want to maneuver it like a pro, can install a number of small tech devices to making parking smooth and easy. Sensors like the Park Zone PZ-1600 Precision Parking Aid alert you when the front of your vehicle is nearing a wall, making it particularly useful for tight garages. And for moving in reverse, there’s a wide array of backup cameras now commercially available to add visibility when pulling out of a parking space or driveway.

Power for Emergencies

Gone are the days of having to rely on the mercy of a passing driver to help jumpstart a dead car battery. Battery operated USB jump starter cables are now widely available so you can provide your own juice, plus they double as a useful backup for charging phones and other USB devices when there’s no available port in the vehicle or the car’s not running and you still want to power your Bluetooth speaker.

So whether you seek peace of mind or just hassle-free driving, there is an array of affordable tech devices you can pick up today to upgrade your driving experience while the luxury car world is still testing and innovating toward a future of self-driving cars.