More people are seeking new experiences and new fun ways of enjoying their spare time. Outdoor activities have become very popular and people are embracing it and engaging in them since it is more cheaper, engaging and also a good way to bond with friends and family.

To make the outdoor experience more comfortable and more fun, new technology have been invented to make things easier. These gadgets are usually very affordable, durable, easy to use and most of all they are portable.

Below we have given a list of gadgets that make the outdoor activities more fun and comfortable. Most of them are powered by readily available sources energy such as the sun. Here they are.

1. A Multipurpose Pen Knife.

When you are out doors there are are many things that would require the use of a knife. Having a knife on you when you are out doors makes thing more easier to accomplish.

When buying a knife it is better that you buy a knife that is strong, durable, portable and can do more than one job. Pen knives do help in repairing malfunctioning items, making new things from scratch and can even be used to protect yourself when all hell breaks loose. Other knives have compasses on them to ensure you don’t get lost.

Even though machete’s and pen knives can be used on the same job, pen knives are better since they can be concealed. Furthermore pen knives are more flexible and can be used in many different terrains.

2. A Torch.

If you are going to be outdoors until late, carrying a torch is probably a good idea. It is among the most basic outdoor equipment that you must have. At night a torch improves visibility allowing you to move safely through the dark. Without a torch at night chances getting lost or being attacked by wild animals and people are high.

Depending on your needs and preference, there are a lot of different types and sizes of torches including solar, electric and dry battery powered torches. If you are going to stay out doors for longer it is better that you to acquire a solar powered torch because they can easily be charged during the day when it runs out of power.

3. A portable Solar Lamp.

If you are going to stay outdoors overnight it is better if you carry with you a solar lamp instead of relying on a torch for light at night. They are also portable and can be easily packed in a camping bag without causing any inconvenience.

They have bigger bulbs than an ordinary torch, this makes them more brighter and they provide good lighting at night.

They have the ability to stays on for more than six hours, they recharge themselves automatically during the day using the sun’s abundant energy. Because their bulbs are made of LED they do not get hot unlike ordinary lamps which overheat when they stay on for a long period of time.

4. Lifestraw Water Filter.

People have been forced to carry water when they go out doors. If you don’t want to run out of water, you will be forced to carry more water. This is a lot of work especially if you are out doors, unless you are heading into a desert where water is difficult to find.

Some inventions like lifestraw are just pure magic. A lifestraw water filter has the ability to filter all harmful bacteria found in any water and makes it safe to drink as you suck it. It looks like an ordinary water pipe or drinking straw, all you have to do is just put it into any water and suck it without any worries that you may get sick.

Having such a gadget with you makes your outdoor experience safer and much better. Furthermore it is small, portable and available online at a friendly price.

5. Swedish army steel.

Fire revolutionized how humans lived. Fire is very important when you are outdoors. You would need fire to cook, get warm, boil water and even for security when you in the wild since animals fear fire. An ordinary match box is not reliable because once it gets wet it is useless. Lighters are not dependable too, it will take it longer to light a wet wood. A Swedish army steel lights up at very high temperatures.

Anything that comes its way must catch fire. However this is also disadvantageous when it is mismanaged and it may cause harm to you or destroy property.

6. Biolite Camp Stove.

Biolite camp stove is an environmentally friendly cooking stove that is fueled by the biomass, which are things like leaves or tree barks . It also has the ability to convert the biomass into electricity and used to charge your phone, torch and any other gadget.

The Biolite camp stove is relatively small and light, they are very durable and easy to use. They can be used in different terrains since it’s fuel comes readily from the environment.

7. Binoculars.

Everyone loves binoculars. They come in many different designs shapes and sizes. Binoculars can be easily purchased online, it’s price depends on the quality and even the size of the binoculars.

With binoculars you get to see everything from far, it makes you one with your surrounding. Carrying a binoculars as you are going outdoors is also a security measure as you will be able to see trouble from far. If you are short sighted a binoculars brings far objects closer for you to see and you will not have to struggle to see things that are far.

Some technically advanced binoculars have the ability to tell you the exact distance between you and what you are looking at. Others have night vision capabilities allowing you to see even at night very well.

8. Fkant Solar Charger.

If you will be staying outdoors for longer then it is better to solve your long term mobile phone and other devices charging problems. The Fkant solar charger has the ability to charge a mobile phone and store more energy in an in made power bank for later use.

They are very affordable and can be bought online and even delivered to you. The Fkant solar charger can charge two or more divides at a go.

9. A Portable GPS Device.

A GPS device is very important especially if you want to be sure of direction. It is much more different from an ordinary phone because it sends and receives signals directly from the satellites which are in space.

It was used by the military before but it was later on when the technology was allowed to get in to the hands of ordinary people. A GPS tracking device gives you the map and even compass directions of where you are, it is very difficult to get lost if you have it with you. A GPS device can also be used to send a signal of your location in case of an emergency.

10. A Bluetooth Speaker.

A good bluetooth speaker makes the outdoor experience even better. The good thing about Bluetooth speakers is that their sound quality is really good. They are portable and can store power for long. It’s charging system is similar to a regular mobile phone making it possible to be charged with a regular power bank and USB cord in case it runs low on power.

They allow you to listen to music on your phone as long as you turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and pair the two device’s. Some Bluetooth speakers have a memory card slot if you don’t have a phone on you. Most Bluetooth speakers are made with very tough materials and can survive the harsh outdoor conditions.

11. A Sun Oven.

A simple, portable, and inexpensive sun oven uses the sun’s abundance energy to cook food. The sun oven saves you a lot of costs and time because it cooks very fast.

They can be made from home easily, all you have to do is procure the necessary raw materials and then simply make it by assembling them.

However if you don’t know how to make them they are sold at very affordable prices. The sun oven is very versatile and can cook a wide range of food, you can bake or cook food just by using the energy from the sun. It is also very durable and can serve you for a very long time.

12. Portable Camp Shower.

When you go camping there is a lot of improvising involved since a lot of things are not in your control. Simple things like taking a shower are sometimes difficult if there is no large source of water. However technology has managed to solve many of these problems.

A good technology that has solved this problem is the portable camp shower. It looks like a small nylon tank, it is filled with water and hanged on a tree. Most of them can heat the water using solar energy allowing you to shower at any time with hot water.

It is large enough and can accommodate about ten to fifteen liters of water which is enough for three people. Solar portable camp showers are relatively cheap and can also be bought online.

13. A Power Bank.

A power bank is an essential gadget especially if you are going to stay out doors for long periods of time. In case your phone runs out of power you will be able to recharge using the power bank and continue staying online. They are small and light and can fit into most pockets.

A power bank can also recharge more gadgets such as a portable Bluetooth speaker or a torch. There are power banks that have the ability to keep a lot of power and can be used for longer periods of time.

There are other power banks that are fitted with small solar panels and they automatically recharge themselves during the day.. This allows you to remain safe and can make a much needed call when there is an emergency.

14. Hydration Backpack.

Water is very important when you are outdoors. A hydration backpack is the ultimate solution to water problems when you are outdoors. They were originally meant for the military but the civilian population has embraced the idea.

It is very comfortable on your back and can carry up to six litres of clean drinkable water. It has a long straw that allows you to drink the water without the need of removing it from your back.

It keeps the water cool even when it is very hot. It is not that large and does not tire you even when it is full of water. The hydration backpack is very tough and cannot rapture easily and spill the water.

15. Digital Camera.

Digital cameras have grown in popularity over the years since their prices dropped. They capture very clear and high quality digital photos. Digital cameras have the ability to also shoot videos, allowing you to document your entire outdoor experience.

Unlike the old cameras where you were limited as to how many photos you can take, digital cameras use memory cards. This allows you to continue taking pictures without worrying about running out of space.

Outdoor photos are very beautiful and can be re used somewhere else or sold. Digital cameras are relatively smaller and can be easily carried, most of them have special bags where they are kept.


The above gadgets may look or sound expensive but in they are very affordable. They make the outdoor experience more memorable and habitable. With this technology in your hands you are more safer outdoors and you will not struggle to survive. Reference.