The heavy textbooks, abnormal sleep cycles,longer writing sessions, and all night writing is no longer fun. You should notworry, though because technology is always offering something new. Theavailable online, Android, iPad and iPhone apps can make your writing processesmuch easier and improve your results. Here are the top 10 apps that will helpyou be one of the best writers. You can also use them to boost your paperwriting and studying processes. With them, you will not experience anynightmares anymore.



In addition to word definition, provides useful information forscholars. The app offers punctuation formats, writing style guide, citationformats, thesaurus, abbreviations and capitalization formats.

– Find Tutorials

Find Tutorial is a website that offers a large number of academic tutorialsthat will help you deal with any form of academic writing. Users review everytutorial depending on its quality and you will, therefore, know the tutorialsto try.


– Google Docs

If you need a better and secure place to store all your academic materials,Google Docs will come in handy. The app allows storage of academic papers,lists, spreadsheets, calendars, and other documents. The app also allowssharing of docs with teachers and other students. That makes the entire writingprocess easier and faster.

– Simplenote

Simplenote allows an easier finding of tasks, ideas, and assignments. To makethe tasks easier and simple, the app helps you sync with any other device.Moreover, the app supports markdown language, which will come in handy whenaltering texts, embedding images. Most users like the tools for settingreminders and creating lists because they are good for making quick to-dolists.

– Springpad

If you like storing your spreadsheets, papers, calendars, and lists, theSpringpad will help you do that more effectively. It helps you save links tosearch for materials so that you can collect them later for use in youracademic writing.

Springpad is more like an assistant who researches topics to help you come upwith better writing. It uses a built-in search engine in addition to shoppingand lifestyle websites to help you create recipes, product reviews, andacademic papers. It started as a note-taking app, but today it incorporatesPinterest, Evernote, and Google.


– Byword

The purpose of Byword is to make your writing processes easier and enjoyable.The app for iPad allows you to make texts, which you can store in the cloud. Italso offers several other tools like Markdown support.

The app offers two main tools – one aimed at the power users and another oneaimed at the audience in need of basic editors. Therefore, it delivers withoutany compromises. Initially, the app targeted digital publishers and bloggers.

– IA writer

The application for iPad allows students to concentrate on the important tasksonly, which is writing. The app is distraction-free, pleasant to the eyes andsyncs with Dropbox and iClloud. That is what almost every student wants.

Apart from iPad, you can also use the app on your iOS, macOS, and Android. Thefocused writing environment, hidden title bar, buttonless design and fonts thatare easier to read will ensure that you are in a great writing environment. Thefocused mode fades everything to leave the current sentence. That way, you willavoid distractions when completing your academic work.

research apps

– Notesy

The plain text editor for iPhone offersoptions like view links, preview files, add phone numbers, search forinformation in addition to performing some other tasks. It provides a perfectway of organizing your research results and ideas for better writing.

– Nebulous Notes

The Nebulous Notes app is suitable forstudents who want to format the backgrounds of their papers and write withdifferent fonts. With the iPhone application, you can add special characters,date functions and tabs in your academic papers.

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The apps should help you get more ideas, understand the paper topic, do your research, structure the paper, express your thoughts and include citations. Also, they are free to use.