Month: March 2019

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  • March 29, 2019

    Leave JLO Alone

    Today on the show Brandon talks about his experience buying a new truck. We get into spring baseball and all the drama of JLo and her love life over the years. We talk about Fox News and their crazy stories that are like tabloids. We get into the Apple News+ service and the Apple TV+ service. Much More… Support The Show On Amazon
  • March 28, 2019

    The Best Email Service Providers

    Email service providers (ESPs) help businesses manage an email account and specific email marketing campaigns. They do this by providing easy-to-use formats with professional looking designs. ESPs can be a powerful tool for businesses, so it’s important to know which ones on the market are strong contenders. There are so many different programs available now, but which one you choose depends on the needs of your business. Why Use ESPs? Simply put, ESPs are a solution to the labor-intensive task of sending out mass emails. By wielding the power of ESPs, you can be sure that your message is delivered to whoever you are sending it to without fear of it being miscommunicated. ESPs save you a lot of time by allowing you to schedule emails. This way, you don’t have to worry about churning out emails all hours of the day. Instead, you can focus on more pressing matters. Staying organized is another benefit of ESPs. Since all of your contacts are saved and organized for you, it’ll be much easier for you to streamline the process of sending emails without missing any leads. ESPs make it easier to understand who is receiving your email. By segmenting your leads, these programs allow you to better understand who is receiving your message and why. This data will help you improve your message. The following are some of the best email service providers on the market: 1. MailChimp One of MailChimp’s unique features is that it allows for automation, making it easier for businesses to manage email marketing campaigns with minimal effort. It also allows you to use analytics, so you can see exactly where your campaign is thriving and where it is lacking. The company calls it an all-in-one marketing platform that makes it easier to manage professional relationships. 2....
  • After the invention of internet, Information Technology (IT) has changed the living standards of the people almost everywhere in the world. People are getting more and more knowledge IT field and making research on almost every topic and producing new researches for the world. There is no limit in information technology because it’s a wider field and it affecting almost every sector. Human being also getting benefits and satisfaction by focusing on core issues which solutions can give benefits in future. Technology is solving human being issues, industrial issues; technical / nontechnical issues, business issues and almost everything which can be consider focusing on it and can hope to get outputs. You may called this era is much advanced and toped as compared with the past revolutions. There are many fields which are getting affects by the technology revolutions and producing very good results. TenPoint Crossbow Technologies getting more attention in almost everywhere in the world. Automation Technology, such as Cisco CUCM software, is becoming a vital role for almost everyone to enjoy its benefits and becoming indispensable even for carrying out day by day activities engagements. Choose Computerized Techniques: Its cost effective and fast mode of working. Due to technological reforms, a business grows more rapidly and produces unexpected results and helps to increase sales and productions in a limited time period. com is one of the best businesses to take initiatives by using the latest machines to get positive response from the current market share. Cost of the failure of IT is unimaginable due to the direct impact of human lives. Now there are many types of factors which involves to use latest machines gradually and to get expected results. Using fast and latest sources means more chances of positive results. Technology is changing the user experiences and facilitating products...
  • March 27, 2019

    The Apple Plus Event

    This week on the show we talk about Apple big event and everything they released. We get into Facebook changing their open platform mindset to more closed and what they are doing with Whats App. We talk about YouTube getting out of the original content business and much more.. This Week We Discuss Apple TV+ Apple News+ Apple Games Apple Card Facebook Going Be More Like WeChat No More Original Content From YouTube Much More… This Week Show Sponsored By Tech Geek Deals
  • March 26, 2019

    Enough Royal Family Drama

    Brandon gets into the new shows and Jennifer Carptenders new show Enemy Within. Brandon talks about whiskey cavalier and how he can’t get into the show and Gotham has been heating up despite this being its last season. We talk about The Walking Dead season is close to over and the Whispers. We talk celebrity podcasting and much more… Today We Talk About… The Royal Family Drama Lori Loughlin (Becky Full House) Scandal Arrow Last Season New TV Lineup HGTV Drama YouTubers Moving To Podcasting and More… Today’s show sponsored by.. Tech Geek Deals
  • After spending time in the gym- working out, where everyone is working sheer hard and perform better and better. But, most of the people don’t know that having a pre-workout meal is as important as a post-workout meal. Having the right food after your workout is as good and important as having the pre-workout meal. So, that’s why we have created a guide for you telling about the right food after your workout is completed. How important is it to have a good post-workout diet? When you have a good workout session, your muscles burst out, pumps up and muscles get depleted of glycogen. Moreover, the muscles are broken down and get damaged. That’s why having a proper post-workout diet can help them rebuild their muscles and regrow the proteins. Most importantly, one must have proper carbs and protein after the workout which will enhance recovery of the muscles, recover the glycogen stores, and decrease the muscle protein breakdown. Food to have after your workout So,here’s what you can eat after your workout: Whey Protein Having whey protein with milk can help in the recovery of muscles after the workout. As the name suggests, you get a good amount of protein from it. One scoop in 500ml milk can give you around 600 calories with a blend of proteins, calcium, iron and the right amount of fat. So, it is really good to have Whey Protein for your workout recovery and considered as one of the best things to have after a workout and you can get variety of whey protein using Flipkart Offers Today at discounted prices. Grilled Chicken Grilled Chicken is really good to have after a workout. It is a great post-workout meal from which you can have a good amount of everything- whether it is fat,...
  • March 26, 2019

    How To Use FB Dynamic Product Ads

    We all want to have repeat buyers. If somebody purchases a pair of running shoes, we would like to sell him running apparel too. Repeat customers are a gold mine, right? What about buyers who changes their mind? Surely you have encountered buyers who put items in the cart only to change their mind in the check-out counter. We’d want a chance to reengage them and coax them to make the purchase. One of the great features of Facebook Ads is it allows us to retarget our audience based on their activity. We can convince the shopping cart abandoner to push through with the purchase by giving him an enticing deal. We can also show the runner some outfits that would go well with the shoes he just bought. This advantage that this feature gives cannot be denied; however, the task may seem intimidating to undertake without some form of automation. You can do this automation in Facebook’s dynamic product ads without compromising retargeting.  Read this post and you will know how to run your campaigns on autopilot by using dynamic product ads. First, what are Facebook Dynamic Product Ads? Dynamic product ads are used to show your audience advertisements that contain products they recently looked at. Since the product already caught their attention, maybe a little push is all they need to make the purchase. By using a basic template, you can create ads that have different products and its information and show the same to the right audience. The ads can be carousel ads, collection ads or single image ads. How To Set It Up Be forewarned that setting up the dynamic ads takes longer compared to regular campaigns. Given that, the effort will surely pay off. Set up a Catalog Create a product catalog for Facebook if...
  • Owning a small business is a dream come true for many. However, this dream can quickly turn into a nightmare if you are not organized enough. If you are not organized in what you are doing, you will be working many times harder in maintaining your business than you ever did when working for somebody else. This is something that you do not want to experience, and it is something that can be avoided very easily. Here are a few things that you can do to stay organized in your business. Are you as a person organized, disciplined, and responsible? This is the very first question that you need to ask. It needs to be asked because if you have decided to hire people to help you in your business, they will be looking to you for solutions, answers, and guidance. And if you are a disorganized person, you will not set an example. Being organized means that in your business, you have a solid routine that is very predictable. If you are not organized, nobody in your business will know what to expect of you. This is not a good thing and needs to be addressed. How do you get organized? Take an hour or so and create lists of everything that needs to be done in your business and how long they take. Then make a list of whatever distractions you think exist in your business. While you do not need to completely remove these distractions, you do need to be very aware of them and how they can affect your time. Again, make sure your routine is solid. Are your employees organized? Now you need to do some micromanaging. The word “micromanage” is becoming more and more demonized in business, but the truth is that the most...
  • As the world’s leading economies struggle to confront the threat of climate change by reducing emissions and investing in renewable, carbon-neutral energy sources, efficiency has become a key concept for industries around the world. While a fully carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative future is still a long way, off, reducing the amount of energy required for a variety of industrial applications is on the most important short-term developments that can buy time and curb climate change’s worst impacts. Technological innovations that improve energy capture and efficiency have been an essential part of this process, and here are just a few ways that green technology is helping to make industries better able to conserve and recycle energy. Cool Roofs Most traditional construction techniques use asphalt roofing or shingles to keep the water out. But these dark colours suck up huge amounts of heat, which in turn drives up cooling costs in the building itself. Cool roofs use lighter shades of shingle or roofing material to make the roofs themselves more reflective, so the roof retains less heat and the house stays naturally cooler. Given that many factories and plants occupy huge square footages, have vast roofs, and require careful climate controls, cool roofs are a cheap way for manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprint. Smart Glass Windows are designed to let in heat and light during the colder months, but in the heat of summer, glass’s ability to conduct heat, light, and radiation becomes a drawback. Blinds, awnings, and shades are used to keep light out, but these solutions are often imperfect. Smart glass is designed to automatically “dim” the amount of light being let in. Experts suggest that smart glass coated skyscrapers could require twenty-five percent less heating, ventilation, and air conditioning energy than skyscrapers using conventional glass. Energy Capture Heating...