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  • Today on the podcast we get into the 7/11 lady and how she made a bad cup of coffee great. We get into how to tip your waiter and waitress. We get into the subpar WalMart produce and deli meat. We get into Millenials not going out to eat and breakfast is a big meal. We talk some politics and much more. Website – Twitter – Instagram –
  • August 14, 2019

    BLS – We Have Returned

    Today on the show Brandon talks about his summer off from podcasting and what shows he needs to catch up with on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. We talk about how an iPad can change someone’s life forever. We talk about the New Jersey Shore and much more. Checked Out Our Site –
  • Today on the show Brandon wants to know why there is a shoe for everything. We get into news about New York and taxes. Brandon gets into some new books he is reading and new TV shows to watch. We get into Avengers tickets being scalped, the Ms. Marvel Movie and Tupperware. Plus Much More In This Fun Filled Show. This Show Sponsored By Amazon
  • Vince McMahon Trying The XFL Again Why? Today on the show we talk about the Hanna Montana kickback. Wendy Williams has baby mama drama. Vince McMahon starting the XFL backup. Fox has a big Friday night lineup change coming in the fall. We talk about Avengers coming out in a few weeks and Ms. Marvel doing great in theaters. We talk about the Apple Credit card and Much More.. 61 year old lady has grandkid Hanna Montana Kickback Wendy Williams was in hospital after husband mistress has a baby Wendy Williams show going hideous Avengers End Game Is Almost 3 Hours Ms Marvel Doing Great Howard Stern New Book Linda McMahon Leaving Her Job Vince McMahon Trying The XFL Again Show Sponsored By SLJ Digital
  • March 29, 2019

    Leave JLO Alone

    Today on the show Brandon talks about his experience buying a new truck. We get into spring baseball and all the drama of JLo and her love life over the years. We talk about Fox News and their crazy stories that are like tabloids. We get into the Apple News+ service and the Apple TV+ service. Much More… Support The Show On Amazon
  • March 26, 2019

    Enough Royal Family Drama

    Brandon gets into the new shows and Jennifer Carptenders new show Enemy Within. Brandon talks about whiskey cavalier and how he can’t get into the show and Gotham has been heating up despite this being its last season. We talk about The Walking Dead season is close to over and the Whispers. We talk celebrity podcasting and much more… Today We Talk About… The Royal Family Drama Lori Loughlin (Becky Full House) Scandal Arrow Last Season New TV Lineup HGTV Drama YouTubers Moving To Podcasting and More… Today’s show sponsored by.. Tech Geek Deals
  • Today on the show Brandon talks about the movie Skyscraper with The Rock. We get into the entire movie buying process. We talk about the app Movies Anywhere. We get into how to listens and subscribes to podcasts using apps on Android. We talk about Apple Music and apps that offer ad-free listening. We get to talk about advertisements on TV and much more.
  • Today on the show Brandon talks about his recent trip to New York City and the fun of being in the city. Brandon gets into WWE not using Madison Square Garden that much for wrestling anymore. We get into how iconic Madison Square Garden is with New York City. We get into picking a name for your children that work with social media and much more…
  • Today on the show Brandon kicks off season 2 talking about life events over the summer. Brandon gets into having a baby and 23 vs 33. He talks about how the baby is just a poop machine and gets into updates to the platform and much more ……