The 2012 election results are in and President Barack Obama will be our president till 2016.  President Barack Obama won the popular vote by 2,548,473 and the electoral vote by 97 votes making this a very close election.  After the election had concluded Mitt Romney made speech congratulating the President on his reelection and saying his prayers were with him as he continues to run our country.

President Obama made a speech as well saying he will go forward with his plan to improve and make America a better place.  Saying we are not just red and blue states but the great United States of America despite religion, race or sexuality.  The speech was very powerful and I think will even impress Mitt Romney supporters.

I was rather surprised at how close the election was I personally did not think the popular vote would have been a 2 percent margin.  I believe our President will have another rough term he is still dealing with a struggling economy, and slow rate of change.  President Obama is our president but strong negative support from American’s is something he is going to have to deal with over next four years, as almost half of the country did not want him as president for another 4 years.

Despite all the negativity Barack Obama is our President and our prayers and support are with him over the next four years.