Google has added a few new features to their e-mail service Gmail. The features consist of the new compose and reply experience in Gmail, making it easier to reference other emails without having to close a draft.

Similar to the Google talk popup windows, any email draft will lay on top of the main inbox without overtaking the entire screen.  The concept allows you to do a search and monitor new mail as it rolls in, while composing an email at the same time. You can also write multiple emails at once and minimize the message if you want to wrap it up later.

You can still stick with the old Gmail features by saying NO when the popup asks to try new features, no word yet on how long you will be able to opt out of feature pack.

Google said in the unveiling of the new Gmail

How many times have you been writing an email and had to reference something in another message?  Saving a draft, opening the old email, and then reopening your draft wastes valuable minutes. The new compose pops up in a window, just like chats (only larger).”

Gmail now has the ability to see profile pictures of contacts, so you can find who you want to reach faster.  You can also drag and drop the new address into To: CC: and BCC areas as part of the improvements.

Most people knew Google was planning to make some changes to their Gmail layout and design.  Their purchase of Sparrow in early July made most people believe a new and improved Gmail was on the way and now it’s here.