Once you have bought or set up you business venture, you don’t just open up a store and relax, waiting for people to come streaming inside. The purpose of marketing is to let people know of the existence of your business. As a small business, marketing expenses should be the first to cut off from other expenditures. This is because there are several ways of marketing your small business without spending a lot of money. With the availability of the digital tools, you can meander around it and come out successful. Here are some marketing strategies to implement in your business.

1. Leverage your community

As a beginner, learn to think locally. Never run after the whole country thinking that you will get more customers. Make your community a priority. This is because they are your biggest fans who can relate to your struggles and achievements.  To capture their attention, be the one who sponsors local teams in their games, or other charity drives.in addition to this, print bookmarks about your business and let them know of your existence and the products you offer. Find the ideal customers and approach them for the same.

2. Network

The best way to build a business is through networking. By networking, an entrepreneur creates a brand for themselves, and they also get to know more people who could in one way or another chip in to their businesses. This is a gradual process that requires patience and dedication. Once you have strong connections, you will have grasped the biggest asset for any business and nothing will stop you from achieving your dreams.

3. Ask for referrals.

The moment you get a customer, never shy away from asking them for referrals. Simply put, just request them to bring along a friend the next time they come. In addition to this, you can give them bookmarks to share with their friends. Provide you provide high quality products or services; a customer will always be willing to give more referrals. Don’t miss out on the chance of getting new customers; overcome your fears and request.

4. Build relationships

Getting a new customer is very easy. This is because some may be there to try out your services or simply to find out who owns the place. Keeping a customer is another job that requires skills. For a certain customer to keep coming back for more, you should take the initiative of building a relationship with them. This means that you keep reminding them of your existence even after they are long gone. Email marketing is the best way to remind them. When customers visit your store, ask them to give you their email addresses. Once in a while, you can send them emails in regards to the newest products in your store. For the emails, always keep them short, informative and very professional.

5. Give take-away

Most people are known to be funs of free things. Make a customer pass several stores just to get to your simply because there is something extra being offered there. By giving them a chance to experience your products, chances are that they will purchase them one day. Give away means giving them a free sample of your products or if they are services, give them a trial.  This is because people will have more confidence purchasing something they have already tried rather than something they are merely speculating. Be the one to give them first-hand experience and there is always an assurance of getting them to buy.


These are possible marketing strategies that will not make you break a bank. In the end, we all want results. There are many types of businesses ranging from beauty and clothe lines. Or the entrepreneurs who invest in clothe lines;  may choose to buy an existing textile business. So, why not start out small in your own league as you aspire to climb up the ladder where you can manage to have better marketing strategies like hiring an advertising agency? Cut out unnecessary costs in your budget by applying the above tips!