Regardless if you’re a neophyte in the market, a buzzing name in the industry, or a giant conglomerate, one thing is for sure: your marketing game will always have to be on part with the market’s needs, or your business will be in big trouble. As such, chances are you’re likely on the lookout for the tools of the trade that will get the job done. Call marketing might be one of these aces in the hole.

If you’re a bit at odds if you think a call tracking strategy really is for you, then perhaps a few numbers can help convince you to leverage on this reliable tool. IfByPhone numbers, as reported by Search Engine Land, indicate that 43-percent of estimated conversions will come not just from searches, but from calls. In fact, if your ad contains a phone number, you’re likely to get a 10-percent boost in clicks. If you’re still in need of convincing, here are other reasons why businesses can benefit from call tracking:

  • Access a wealth of data that can be tailored to your needs. On its rawest form, call tracking does track calls – but it can also track so much more data than businesses could realize. The wealth of data call tracking offers can range from getting caller statistics, to identifying key parts of your campaigns that they regularly access, to being able to identify trends and inconsistencies that can be happening throughout your operations. This data, while a bit overwhelming to bear, can be used to improve your company’s performance by a much higher degree when integrated with your campaigns properly.
  • Get a way to improve your evaluation process. When your company succeeds in customer acquisition, one recommended course of action is to of course evaluate just how successful that particular strategy is, and if you have to create particular adjustments to improve it. Call tracking software such as Fone Dynamics may have features that allow you to access analytics particular to your customer acquisition strategy and use that to evaluate the efficiency of your current acquisition parameters: these range from marketing insights, to customer demographics that you can finally tweak should there be a need to. Things such as rejection reasons, filter analyzers, active offerings and products, sources per campaign, and even performance examination may also be additional features your software mau possess.
  • Actively enhance and improve customer service. Sometimes, prospects decline offers to buy services and products not because of the branding or the materials in question, but the call in general. Audience targeting becomes more straightforward and simple because qualified customers can be filtered depending on data such as residence, gender, and other forms of values. Age range, ethnicity, and other factors can also work hand in hand with call tracking to create a more robust way of distributing calls properly based on demographic parameters. As such, you can integrate this to businesses with various branches to make customer handling and support a much more pleasant experience.
  • Level up advertisements through analysis and evaluation. If you’re looking to enhance variables that can help you see split test results more efficiently, achieve higher returns, and invest on more achievements, then call tracking may actually be able to help you achieve all of these. You can now attribute the right returns to their appropriate campaigns, and using analysis you may also be able to adjust your campaigns accordingly. You may even be able to compare efficient and inefficient advertising channels and adjust your needs accordingly.
  • Get your SEO game on a much higher level. When you use call tracking to track your campaigns, you also get opportunities to track data that can be used to tweak your search engine optimization needs. As such your company will now be much more capable of getting information that you can use to improve various marketing channels, and find out which keywords you can use to further improve your campaigns.
  • Find effective and inefficient parts of your operations. When you use call tracking, you have access to a wealth of data that you can use to find out not just what works and what doesn’t, but identify points in your operation that may actually cost you more than usual. Finding these weakest links and modifying them can potentially help make your company stronger on an operational level.

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Conclusion: The Right Numbers Can Shape The Future

Call tracking boasts a wide array of recording and metric tracking features, which is what makes it appealing to marketers and other users that have a need to analyze data in order to get to know trends and other statistics that might help push a company’s objectives. However, no matter how diverse the software is, your business can’t benefit from call tracking if you get a software willy-nilly. Why businesses can benefit from call tracking, well it depends on how well you establish your goals, and how a call tracking software you buy can help ensure you keep track of those objectives.

John Taylor

john taylor

John is a long-time professional with over two decades of experience in analytics and communications technology. He works as the Senior Data Analyst at Fone Dynamics, a leader in call tracking, voice, and SMS communication. When John steps out of the office, he loves to spend time with his family and bike riding.