As more and more companies are allowing for their employees to work remotely, there is a greater need for companies to distribute the latest and greatest technology to their workers in order for them to be as efficient and professional as possible, even if they are not in an office setting. However, what happens when the employees’ technology becomes outdated? If there comes a time when company-wide there is an update in technology, GreenBuyback is the perfect option when it comes to disposing of the older, and now deemed necessary technology. If you’re looking to send cell phones in bulk to a buy-back company, GreenBuyback is the ultimate buy-back option for your company for many reasons!

When a company invests the money to purchase technology for their employees, it would be such a waste to receive no compensation for the cell phones once they are no longer needed. GreenBuyback makes it easy for your employees and your company to send the phones back in – simply head to GreenBuyback’s website, enter the information for the phones, and send them in! GreenBuyback accepts technology which has been broken, or water damaged. If you had employees destroy their phones on the road, we will purchase them too! If you’re looking to sell your used cell phones in bulk, GreenBuyback is your best bet because it makes it so easy to send a large number of phones in at the same time.

A company will often distribute not only cell phones to their employees, but laptops and iPads as well. It can be very costly to a company to give every employee these resources, however, in order to work remotely, it’s necessary. Yet, for companies, handing out this technology to their employees can certainly add up fast! When it comes time to move to the next generation technology, don’t let the older cell phones and iPads sit in a desk unused, head to GreenBuyback and get a quote fast, send the cell phones, iPads, or tablets into GreenBuyback. With the money you get back from selling the technology, you can put towards the company – looking to get new office furniture or want to reward your employees? The money you get back from GreenBuyback will certainly help!

Another major aspect to think about when selling back technology is the information on the technology themselves. When sending old iPads, laptops or cell phones into GreenBuyback, we take your safety and security with the utmost respect and make sure that all devices are thoroughly wiped clean before re-selling. Not all companies take such great measures to ensure your company’s security, however, GreenBuyback understands that often devices, whether it be an iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet, or more, have private company information – and when you are sending in bulk, it is time consuming to check every device! Stick with a trustworthy buyback company in GreenBuyback; plus, sending your devices in, even in bulk, could not be easier. It is free to send your device in, and once we get the bulk of the devices, we will get your money quick. You get the devices off your hands and money into your hands, everyone wins!