Technology evolves at such a fast pace that it’s difficult to keep track of all the changes within the industry. Business technology is one of the sectors that’s most prevalent in our daily lives and also one that grows and changes most frequently.

The trends in 2018 tend to gravitate towards two types of technologies. One of these broad categories involves “smart” technology. The other group deals with immersion within technology.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the most significant and most apparent trends is the use of artificial intelligence. AI is seeing use in numerous ways that many people thought impossible only a few years ago. From automated servers at fast food restaurants to devices such as Amazon’s Alexa, A.I. is making its way into various parts of our lives.

Business technology and A.I. are only going to become more closely linked as the technology evolves. And, as the trend of A.I. begins to stake its place in society, the business world will revel in the brilliant partnership of these two concepts.

Cloud and Edge Computing

While cloud computing is a technology that has been around for a few years, that doesn’t mean the technology is mature. In 2018, cloud computing is going to get more user-friendly and more reliable. As a result, more and more organizations will begin using the cloud. Businesses aren’t just flocking to the cloud because of its ease and accessibility but rather the over $6,000 it can save them per month.

While cloud computing is a trend, using a new computer topology known as “Edge” is also becoming popular. Edge design means challenges dealing with latency and bandwidth begin to fade away. With the cloud becoming more and more important, it’s only a matter of time before the trend of cloud computing makes its way into your local businesses.

Intelligent Apps

In 2018, smaller and more remote A.I. applications will become popular. For businesses, connections and communication are key to a successful product, and apps help connect people.

Intelligent apps differ from standard apps in that they adapt to different situations. They learn on their own and customize themselves to your style. With the ability for apps to learn on their own, business technology is set to prosper massively.

Visual and Voice Search

You can already use visual and voice search on a variety of devices these days, but it will become even more commonplace in the near future. In the last five years, technology companies discovered that customers don’t want to strictly use their hands to search. Instead, innovations in technology now give people the ability to search using both their voices and their eyes.

According to Forbes, technologies that utilize visual and vocal searches are projected increase digital commerce by 30%. These capabilities could be quite valuable to the business world.

Immersive Experiences

Virtual reality is already beginning to cause a stir. Whether it be virtual reality video games, educational opportunities or even medical tools, the use of VR is a business asset to watch going into 2018.

The concept of immersive experiences as a whole is on the rise as well. Immersive experiences don’t just surround you with an environment. They also present you with ideas that you may never have thought of. The future of the business world lies in part with immersive technology experiences.

“Smart” technologies and immersive experiences headline the voyage into the new year, but it’d also be wise to watch out for tools such as voice searches and cloud computing. 2018 is going to be an amazing year for business technology. Keep your eyes peeled!

Byline: Nathan Sykes writes about trends in the Tech industry with a focus on business and IT. To read more from Nathan, you can check out his blog, Finding An Outlet.