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How to be Successful in IT in a Few Little-Known Steps

it career
A career in IT can be a thrilling adventure for someone that is passionate about it. Those who love gaming and programming will not only enjoy developing software but will be enticed with potential software engineer salaries which can reach up to a hundred thousand...
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Snapchat is becoming the anti-Facebook

Snap announced today (Nov. 29), that it was rolling out a redesign for Snapchat that’s intended to separate users’ feeds between their friends from the brands that publish content on the app. Founder and CEO Evan Spiegel published an op-ed in Axios this morning about...
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Hands-On with Google Datally for Android

After a months-long testing period, Google today made its Datally data usage management app for Android available to the public. Here’s a quick peek. Yes, it’s a weird name. (Google says it is pronounced as “day tally”.) The app was tested under the name Triangle...
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Microsoft Windows 10 active devices reach 600M

Microsoft’s Windows 10 has reached a new milestone: 600 million active monthly devices. CEO Satya Nadella referenced the new number for the first time moments ago at the company’s annual shareholders meeting, where he is giving analysts and investors an update on Microsoft’s progress and...
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How to become a Cloud Engineer?

Introduction Before jumping right into the skills required to become a cloud engineer, let’s learn what cloud engineering is all about. Cloud computing is a process of enabling/delivering computing resources as expandable, scalable, and perfectly elastic services over the internet. Applying engineering disciplines to cloud...
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Google can tell if someone is looking at your phone over your shoulder

Your days of peeking at someone else’s text conversations on the train might be numbered.At the Neural Information Processing Systems conference in Long Beach, California, next week, Google researchers Hee Jung Ryu and Florian Schroff will present a project they’re calling an electronic screen protector,...
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Remo Video Repair

video repair
Don’t delete your corrupted video files thinking that they are of no use anymore. Instead of removing it, try to fix using Video Repair tools and get back a playable video. In this digital era, there are many tools available which can be used to...
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YouTube is Back on Amazon Echo Show

YouTube is back on Amazon Echo Show today. This was a mini-controversy back in September when Google removed YouTube access from Echo Show. At the time, Google said the removal was related to a terms of service violation. “Amazon’s implementation of YouTube on the Echo...
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