Month: November 2017

  • Snap announced today (Nov. 29), that it was rolling out a redesign for Snapchat that’s intended to separate users’ feeds between their friends from the brands that publish content on the app. Founder and CEO Evan Spiegel published an op-ed in Axios this morning about the direction that social media has taken over the last few years, where content from brands and influencers has been given the same weight and placement as content from friends and loved ones in users’ feeds. Spiegel also took to YouTube, for the second time in about two years, to explain how the new Snapchat works: QZ Snapchats public IPO did not go well I think they are looking for a way to distinguish their brand and boost stock prices.
  • After a months-long testing period, Google today made its Datally data usage management app for Android available to the public. Here’s a quick peek. Yes, it’s a weird name. (Google says it is pronounced as “day tally”.) The app was tested under the name Triangle in the Philippines only for about five months and released worldwide overnight with no real warning. And it’s the type of thing that should just be built-in to Android, of course: One assumes that releasing it as a standalone app now is simply a temporary measure to ensure that it can reach as many users as possible more quickly. Thurrott I think Google got so many complaints about data usage overages this made sense for them to have an app like this.
  • The Google Wifi app started life as “Google On” for OnHub, and it’s always been one of the nicer Android router clients. However, it was missing some advanced settings from non-Google routers. Today, the Wifi app is gaining some new features, including some of those advanced settings. Android Police I have not bought one of these yet but every time I go on to check on one they are always 5-star reviews.
  • Microsoft’s Windows 10 has reached a new milestone: 600 million active monthly devices. CEO Satya Nadella referenced the new number for the first time moments ago at the company’s annual shareholders meeting, where he is giving analysts and investors an update on Microsoft’s progress and strategy. The number is up from the 500 million devices touted by Microsoft earlier this year, but it’s still well short of the company’s original goal of 1 billion Windows 10 devices within two to three years of its 2015 release. The company acknowledged previously that it wouldn’t be able to reach that original goal. Geekwire It’s interesting to find out if more Windows 10 machines mean more PCs are being purchased or are exiting machines being swapped or loaded with Windows 10 meaning decline in Windows 7.
  • November 29, 2017

    How to become a Cloud Engineer?

    Introduction Before jumping right into the skills required to become a cloud engineer, let’s learn what cloud engineering is all about. Cloud computing is a process of enabling/delivering computing resources as expandable, scalable, and perfectly elastic services over the internet. Applying engineering disciplines to cloud computing is termed as cloud engineering. It is a process of designing the systems that are essential to make the maximum use of the cloud resources’ power to solve business problems. The cloud services that cloud engineering focuses on are “infrastructure as a service”, “platform as a service”, and “software as a service”. Cloud Engineer The IT professional who is responsible for any technological responsibilities that are associated with cloud computing is known as a Cloud Engineer. The technological responsibilities include maintenance and support, management, planning, and design. The cloud engineer position includes multiple roles such as cloud security engineer, cloud systems engineer, cloud software engineer, cloud architect, and cloud network engineer. Each of these positions focuses on a particular kind of cloud computing instead of the entire technology. Skills Needed to Become a Cloud Engineer Cloud engineer is an evolutionary role for a new era in IT. They exhibit broad skills that go beyond any particular IT domain like storage, networking, or virtualisation. So, to succeed in the era of cloud computing, the IT professionals require a wide range of skills. One major way to acquire these skills is through cloud certifications. We will deal with them in the following section. Below here are some tips for IT professionals to gain cloud computing skills and make a lucrative cloud career. Know Cloud Computing Inside and Out The first thing an IT professional should do to become a cloud engineer is to master the major concepts of cloud computing. Start by learning the basics. Then,...
  • Your days of peeking at someone else’s text conversations on the train might be numbered.At the Neural Information Processing Systems conference in Long Beach, California, next week, Google researchers Hee Jung Ryu and Florian Schroff will present a project they’re calling an electronic screen protector, where a Google Pixel phone uses its front-facing camera and eye-detecting artificial intelligence to detect whether more than one person is looking at the screen. QZ Google Photos is getting smarter and smarter its part of their AI push.
  • Windows 10’s Microsoft Photos app is set to get a major upgrade soon. As Microsoft promised back at Build, the company will be releasing a companion app for Microsoft Photos in the future. And that app is almost here. In an internal version of the Microsoft Photos app, the company now lets users import pictures from their mobile device using the Photos Companion app. The feature works over Wi-Fi, which means both your Windows 10 computer and your mobile device will need to be connected to the same network. It’s not clear whether the app will let you view photos from OneDrive on your phone, though. Thurrott Microsoft really needs a competitor for Google Photos and Apple Photos. Photos is hot topic in tech this year with iPhone X
  • November 25, 2017

    Remo Video Repair

    Don’t delete your corrupted video files thinking that they are of no use anymore. Instead of removing it, try to fix using Video Repair tools and get back a playable video. In this digital era, there are many tools available which can be used to repair your corrupted videos in no time. Hence, if your video gets corrupted, then just select the right tool and get it fixed. And, I would like to suggest Remo Video Repair tool to repair your corrupted videos of type MOV, MP4, and AVI as it fixes your video without altering original/source file. Why am I suggesting to use Remo Video Repair tool? Remo Video Repair tool comes with a simple user interface; which can be used by anyone including novice user to fix their corrupted video file in few simple steps. If you have any doubt about fixing, you can try demo version and after completion, view repaired video using Preview option. If you get expected results, then you can activate this software. If you are trying to fix video file and come into any errors or have any doubts, you can contact the technical support team. They are available round the clock to tackle your queries. That’s why I am suggesting this tool. If you want to know more about Remo Video Repair tool and guide on how to repair video files, then continue to read. Remo Video Repair tool- Complete Package for Fixing Corrupted Video Files- Fixes broken, truncated video files, along with corrupted video files Repairs damaged video files shot using Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Kodak and any other brands of camera or camcorders Efficiently fix video files stored on memory card, pen drive, external HDD or any other removable disk Easily use this software on any version of Windows, including latest...
  • November 22, 2017

    YouTube is Back on Amazon Echo Show

    YouTube is back on Amazon Echo Show today. This was a mini-controversy back in September when Google removed YouTube access from Echo Show. At the time, Google said the removal was related to a terms of service violation. “Amazon’s implementation of YouTube on the Echo Show violates our terms of service, creating a broken user experience.” What a broken user experience meant appears to be a non-standard YouTube display. The images below depict how YouTube previously looked on Echo Show and how it looks now. I knew this was going to come back YouTube is number 1 video platform on internet.