Recall the cellphones of yesteryear. Ten years ago, Nokia dominated the sales with their line of small yet clunky phones. Rewind even further and the designs got bigger. Brick like flip phones with antennae were part of the norm. Now? Not so much. Even though some of the top phones of 2016 are technically considered phablets due to their size, the design of these smartphones has been streamlined to provide a sophisticated, sleek, and – most importantly – slim profile. It only makes sense that the protection you choose for your Android should mimic the strides our tech has taken. Forget about bulky plastics that beef up the size of your cell. You need something like a vinyl skin, which is a slim yet durable piece of protection that matches the design of your phone.


Samsung’s latest Galaxy S7 is well-noted for its design. It, along with a grab back of technical specs, is why it has snagged the title of 2nd best phone of the year. (It was only beat out by its brother, the Galaxy S7 Edge). They’ve put a lot of effort into making a cell with an impressive screen size that still manages to feel slim in your hand. They’ve managed to perfect that balance between display and comfort, and critics have called its curved edge design a pleasure to hold and easy to stash in a back pocket or a bag.

Despite winning top marks for design and function, the Galaxy is like any other phone – in that, it’s still a delicate piece of technology. It needs a protective accessory in order to maintain its good looks, but the S7 demands a superior form of protection. It needs something that will match its own elegant sophistication. That’s where vinyl comes in. As a flexible material that can easily mould to any surface, a skin can mimic the shape and style of any Android it covers. When processed by the top-most designers, like those that create skins at dbrand, they’ll be fitted within a micro-millimeter of the Galaxy’s original design. Adding only 0.23 millimeters to the overall size of the phone, it maintains the S7’s sleek, streamlined look, so you get protection without the bulk.

Your other option, a clunky plastic case, can’t hold a candle the skins Galaxy S7 owners use. The material used in these covers is naturally thicker and less flexible than the vinyl of skins. You won’t only be adding a line of defence with the addition of a case; you’ll also be adding considerable heft, which is exactly the opposite of what your phone needs.

Many people still opt for the case, thinking it’s the only way to defend their smartphone while also personalizing its looks. Luckily, the top designers of S7 skins, such as those at dbrand, split their attention between fit and fashion. When you deck out your Samsung Galaxy with dbrand skins you have the option of customizing your cell with amazing textures and colors. Their selection includes carbon fiber, metallic, leather, wood, and matte textures you can combine with true colors of the entire rainbow.

Even in the last 10 years, cellphones have come a long way in terms of design. There’s no reason to get stuck in the past, clinging to old forms of protection. Make sure you outfit your smartphone in an innovative defence that’s as fashion-forward as the S7 itself. Get a Galaxy S7 skin and complement its award-winning style as your protect it. It is, after all, the best Android on the market. It deserves it!