A Star Wars book, full of action, with all our well known and loved characters, and with some interesting new ones that you will grow to love. I was first thrown a curve ball with the addition of Luke Skywalkers wife and the Solo children. I was saddened by the death of a beloved persona (no, I won’t tell the name, though I don’t think it’s a secret among fans), but accepted it. After all those years of battling against the Empire, Thrawn, kidnappers, crazy Admirals & Dark Jedi, it is only logical that someone was bound to die, even with the legendary Solo luck and Luke’s strength in the Force to protect the family and friends it was bound to happen eventually.

I enjoyed reading about the Jade Saber Luke’s wife Mara’s new ship and seeing Luke keep his old X-Wing around. We learn a lot about Mara and her illness that she struggles with and use the force to keep it at bay most of the time. The struggle with her illness doesn’t allow for her relationship with Luke to evolve, nor does it leave room for children, and why shouldn’t they have some to continue the Skywalker line?

Also, the idea of being “invisible” by the force is new Luke faces off with an enemy at times that can hide himself from the force that’s a new concept for the most part. We get to see Luke apprentice his nieces and nephews that’s a lot of fun to watch. We see Luke start the Jedi academy and a very small glimpse into that they ties into other books.

Having a vileness people come in from another galaxy and be humanoid was different. A humanoid in fact that with a little disguise no one can tell them from humans was a twist. They speak a language that C3PO can translate without hesitation makes for some fun reading.

R.A. Salvatore adapted this saga very well he created amazing new life forms, organic weapons and new enemy strong enough to gives Luke and his family a worth while struggle. Excellent story, well-paced, never slumps, keeps the tension high, so plan on a late night or two of reading. This is a grim New Republic many of our favorite characters are angry, very angry. Teenagers kill, with justification, but it’s one more reminder that this “New” series is very new and very dark.