If you are looking for Properties for Sale, Vacation Rentals or Long-Term Rentals I recommend https://www.immoabroad.com. I recently started using them to help a friend of mine who is not very computer savvy look for a place to rent for vacation in Spain.

I have to say the interface is top notice and very fast I like how when it came to the rental piece you pick the date ranges and it tells you what’s available in those date ranges in the area you picked. I have done a house swap and vacation rental search in past and had issues with the sites.  I find with Immoabroad the site is easy to navigate and better than most I have used in the past.

The one feature on this site that really stands out for me is the search by map. I have to admit that feature breaks down by country then by state or region then by town. I have to admit this feature is very cool and very well thought out by developers.

I do have to say one thing about holiday rentals those you need to book in advance I was looking to go away for the fourth of July and accommodations got taken up very quickly. This is by no way any fault of the site Immoabroad its just nature of holiday travel.

One of the other features I really like as someone who does not travel often is the section called popular towns. I am someone who does not travel much and have any idea what’s a great place to travel to for vacation. This feature really makes it easy for someone like me to get a good vacation spot.

Immoabroad is the biggest specialist in selling, buying or renting a home abroad, with a specialty in France and Spain. They offer property in more than 110 countries and 480 regions around the world. They offer excellent service at the best price available. I would recommend them especially if you are looking to travel to France or Spain as that’s their specialty and can offer the best price compared to other sites.