Using and operating Echolink For Ham Radio or Amateur Radio

EchoLink is a free computer-based Amateur Radio system that allows radio amateurs to communicate with other amateur radio operators using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology on the Internet for at least part of the path between them. It was designed by Jonathan Taylor callsign K1RFD.

EchoLink uses similar technologies that resemble Skype, Google Talk, Airware and Chatroulette. Echolink has a unique addition to VoIP with the ability to link to an amateur radio station’s transceiver. Thus any low-power handheld amateur radio transceiver which can contact a local Echolink node then use the Internet connection of that station to send their transmission via VOIP to any other active Echolink node, world-wide. No special hardware or software is required to relay a transmission via an Echolink node.

If more information or to use EchoLink below is there website.

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