• Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, the wealthiest American, said on “some days” he wishes the U.S. political system were like England’s, so that President Barack Obama could have “slightly more power.” Gates was asked for his assessment of President Obama’s job performance during an interview at Politico’s “Playbook Cocktails” event. “Some days I wish we had a system like the U.K. where, you know, the party in power could do a lot and you know, you’d see how it went and then fine you could un-elect them,” said Gates on Wednesday. “Now, over time, our system has worked slightly better than theirs, theirs has worked okay but so it’s ironic that right now it feels like I wish there was slightly more power in the presidency to avoid some of these deadlocks. So I think what he [Obama] wants to do and what he’s actually able to do, the gap is so big there that it’s hard to know in some ways.”
  • February 26, 2013

    Bill Gates Windows Phone Strategy Mistake

    Bill Gates has been very open as of late about his disappointment in Microsoft’s mobile strategy.  Here is the interview from CBS.
  • February 23, 2013

    Podcast Episode 14 Questions

    Where can I learn more on Windows Vulnerabilities? Hacking Exposed Windows: Microsoft Windows Security Secrets and Solutions, Third Edition How can I get faster streaming speeds out of my Roku I use wireless should I use wired? How can I improve my Online marketing on Internet? What’s the best note taking app for Android for college student? How can I extend my WiFi connection on linksys? What smartphone and phone carrier should I get and why? How do I disable screen rotation on Android? I need a phone system for my small business what do suggest? How can I get certified for a career in IT? Why won’t my router allow me to visit a certain site? What software do you recommend for doing my taxes on computer?
  • February 15, 2013

    Podcast Episode 13 Questions

    What would be a good budget blu-ray player with streaming capabilities? What wireless gaming headphones are the best? What’s the best budget 32″ TV? How can I speed up my older computer? How can I get my analog fax machine to work with VOiP? How do I fix a stuck Windows update? What’s the best video blogging camera? My projection bulb burt out is it worth repairing? My projection Tv bulb burt out is it worth repairing? I just got a new cell phone an Android and my text messages are going to my old iPhone not my new Android? How do I know if I have the Security Flaw in UPnP Affects Millions of Routers?
  • February 3, 2013

    Podcast Episode 12 Questions

    How can I fix a corrupted virtual hard drive? What’s the difference between Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365? How can I scan text into my computer? How do I fix a failed Android update? What bluetooth do you recommend for iphone? How can I get my copy of Microsoft Office which I bought with my gateway installed on Windows 8? How can I move iTunes to an external hard drive? Can I replace a failed motherboard on my dell desktop computer and now I get windows Genuine Advantage? I have a 4w handheld with a loose screw rattling around what should I do? What do you recommend for 2 meter ham radio?
  • January 28, 2013

    Safer Internet Browsing

    Safer Internet Browsing using programs like Malwarebytes AVG Internet Security Ad Block Plus No Script Add on ATF Cleaner Personal Software Inspector (PSI)
  • January 26, 2013

    Podcast Episode 11 Questions

    The Technology Geek Episode 11 Questions Why does e-mail on my computer lock me out all time? Anyway got dns entry with a dynamic IP for my IP Camera system at my home? Why does my youtube buffer so much? What is the difference between netflix and hulu? My company wants to buy a cheap SANs what do you recommend? How can I get Internet Explorer on my Android phone? My daughter broke the hinge on her laptop what can I do to fix it? How do I setup my twitter to post Facebook? What’s better to use twitter account for pinterest or use user account? How do I encrypt IRC traffic? What most secure chat to use? How can I get YouTube on my Roku? How can I do like show on YouTube? How can I access saved passwords in Firefox?
  • January 25, 2013

    Jobs Movie

    The Steve Jobs movie titled Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher will open in theaters on April 19, the movie’s distributor announced on Wednesday.  The indie film, which is set to debut today at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, covers Jobs’ life during the years 1971 through 2000 the time frame covers the founding of Apple, as well as his ouster, the formation of Next and Pixar, and then Jobs’ return to the company when Apple acquired Next. The first clip for the movie was release yesterday: Ashton Kutcher who has been known as a technology investor also plays .com billionaire Walden Schmitt in Two and a Half Men.  Steve Wozniak has already stated the movie’s first scene is “not close” and “totally wrong.”  Ashton Kutcher is already being compared to Noah Wyle as he played Steve Jobs in the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley most people have said Wyle played the perfect Steve Jobs he had the look, attitude and made the character believable. We still have sometime before the movie releases in theaters, I myself am very curious to see what other trailers we see over the next few months as this may persuade me to see the movie.
  • January 20, 2013

    Podcast Episode 10 Questions

    The Technology Geek Episode 10 Questions What’s the best time tracking program for Mountain Lion? What can I use for offsite backup iMac? How should I backup my Android phone? How can I make Windows 8 more like Windows 7? My Windows 7 Computer keeps rebooting what can i do? Can I get office on my mac? Can I install wordpress on mac? Is there a way to fix the screen on an old laptop? I open a program then it crashes