As more smartphone users access personal information on their device, privacy protection apps are becoming a necessity. With such a great selection apps from the App Store, you should be able to find the perfect protection for your device. Did you know that “29 percent of consumers have considered installing an anti-virus product to protect their phone,” according to the ‘Mobile Security: Monster Mash’ infographic. It also revealed “66 percent of consumers admit they keep a significant amount of personal data on their smartphone.”

If you just bought the latest iPhone 5, you’d probably like to protect both your expensive investment and the personal data stored on it, especially if you are using it for both personal and business use. So, if you use your smartphone to access personal data, such as your bank account and even social media profiles, then here are the top iPhone 5 security apps for you:

Find my iPhone

One of the most popular security apps for the iPhone is the Find my iPhone app. This free iOS app provides you with a map location of your device, and allows you to display a custom message on the phone’s screen, remotely lock your device and remotely set an alarm sound for two minute at full volume even if your iPhone is set to silent. Find my iPhone app’s most notable option includes letting you erase all data before it gets misused, so you can be certain that your personal files and information remain safe. You can do all of these functions simply by logging into your account.


If you are the type of user who has a lot of private information, especially important passwords, stored in your iPhone, then you should consider getting mSecure for iOS. Developed by mSeven Software, this application works as your password manager. As the iTunes’ app description puts it, “imagine your phone is lost or stolen, you can have peace of mind knowing that mSecure has safeguarded your web site logins, bank accounts and credit cards thereby protecting your finances, identity and reputation.” mSecure takes pride of its fully-secure 256bit blowfish encryption. Some of its other features include auto-lock, password generator, free backup data sent to your email, and optional self-destruct if the hacker attempts to guess your password.  mSecure app is available for $9.99 per download.

Lookout Mobile Security

Never feel insecure for your iPhone, with Lookout Mobile Security app. You can now locate your device remotely through the web, automatically save its location before running out of battery, and backup all your personal data. This free iOS app also comes with an alarm sound, email notification if your device is jailbroken or connects to unsecured WiFi, and allows you to remotely access it to make a call to any number you specify, even without a sim card.


Some users need a full security, not only of their passwords, but also their day-to-day conversations. Many businesses need a secure voice communication system, especially if it involves top-secret topics. Kryptos offer you a free military-grade 256 bit AES-encrypted app, connected through VoIP for secure calls over 3G, 4G and WiFi. You just need to create a Kryptos ID and install the application. However, in order to use this app, both you and your colleagues must have it installed on your devices.

 Dot Lock Secure

When you have personal data stored on your iPhone, you have to have rock solid protection such as Dot Lock Secure. Another popular security application, it gives you plenty of options to capture the details of whoever tries to break the security of your iPhone. One of its amazing new features is the email report of break-in attempts. It provides you with a snapshot of the thief and their exact location. This application costs $0.99 in iTunes.


We live in an age where almost all information is available on our smartphones, and that includes our personal data. The apps presented above are some of the best security measures you can add to your device. To ensure you are fully protected, you may also want to know about the ways to identify and prevent iPhone hacking.

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