Smartphones are usually considered as safe gadgets. However, they are not completely safe as people believe. It can prove to be your misconception, that your iPhone cannot be hacked. There had been incidents in the past reporting the hacking of these iPhones (iPhone Operating System Hacked by Researcher, NBS News). Once your iPhone is hacked, the hacker gains all the control and you can only get frustrated in this situation.

The Following information might help you in knowing and preventing your iPhone from Hacking:


SMS is the tool for hacking your iPhone. If your iPhone is being hacked, you will receive a single text message that will be titled “SMS.” The message will comprise of a square box. This technique is the same as used by email hackers. However, it is comparatively tough to deal with. The hackers cannot access your email ID unless you open the link mentioned in the mail. However, if you receive the square box message on your iPhone, the hacking can be done despite the condition that you open it or not.

Hacking confirmation

You might think after the message that it might be picture or something from your friend or telecom service that your Smartphone does not support. It can rarely be the case, but there is such possibility. However, if you are iPhone starts to make calls on its own and your camera is switched on automatically, than these signs almost confirm that your iPhone is hacked. The reason for such unexpected actions is that someone else is controlling your iPhone through his computer or other device.

Protecting Others

The hacking is quite rare and so are the preventive measures. There is hardly any foolproof security measure through which you can assure that your device is completely safe. For precautionary measures, if you receive a square text, just switch off your iPhone for some time. If your phone is off, hackers will not be able to break into your iPhone. It will assure that at least your phone is safe until it is switched off. Try to remove the private information, e.g. credit card numbers, pictures etc. Remember this hack is prevalent and the user can send the hack message to your friends. Therefore, it is better to inform your friends through some communication network (e.g. Facebook) that you might receive a hack message so am sorry for that, and take these following precautions to save your personal details.

Some Precautionary Step to avoid Such Situation

Hacking is usually done through access to your iPhone. In order to avoid your iPhone hack, keep your Wi-Fi off when it is not in use. Update it on regular basis. Take special care when opening a web link on your device. It is better to put a pass code on your device. This will help to avoid any user to access your phone if you forget it or left it at some place.

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