For me, podcasts have completely replaced talk radio for the most part and I like talk radio. I have been reviewing my Top Podcasts on this site every year for a few years I like to see how my interests change from year to year.


CRTV (Conservative Review) TV is a free podcast stream of all the shows on CRTV. I enjoy LevinTV, Get off My Lawn and Louder with Crowder. All these podcasts and more (about dozen shows most are daily) are free audio but I subscribe because the subscription gets you the video element which is not free and a free coffee mug.

First Ring Daily

First Ring Daily would probably be my pick for the number two podcast. Paul Thurrott and Brad Sams do a great job reporting the tech news of the day. First Ring Daily this year went from being a premium paid show every day to being free every day. Paul and Brad have both said they don’t consider the show a premium product. reporting is still premium but not the daily podcast. If you are looking for the best tech news reporting this is a great site.

Red Bar Radio

Red Bar Radio is a weekly podcast I like and watch when it has an episode topic I am interested in hearing about on that day. Mike does a weekly two-hour free show then premium paid additional 2-4 hours. I don’t subscribe and I don’t listen every week but when a topic or subject about an entertainer or celebrity comes up I will watch the free show.

This Week in Google

I do not listen too many of the TWIT.TV shows but I have been listening to TWIG. Jeff Jarvis and Leo Leport do a great job of reporting all the issues with Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other media outlets. With the election, this past year and now the net neutrality going on this show is coming off a stellar year. This show is always free audio and video. I don’t watch every episode but when there is an episode I like I will listen. I have been listening to a lot more then I used to over the past year because the topics have been great.

Ace on the House

While I am not a huge fan of Adam Carolla’s podcast network (not that there is anything wrong with his shows I am just not into some of the topics he talks about like cars, racing, etc.) My wife and I this year have been working a lot on our house and his weekly podcast Ace on the House does a great job of giving tips, tricks and information on all things home improvement. While Ace on the House’s latest 4 podcasts are free to listen to the old episodes you need to subscribe to PodcastOne which I don’t as I only listen to this show when show notes interest me on a project I might be working on in my house.

That’s my Top 5 Podcasts of 2017. I do want to say just because a show is not on hear does not mean I don’t listen to it. This again is only the top 5 I listen to there are hundreds of others I listen to besides these five shows.