Investing new technology for your business can be a confusing task because you cannot often determine what is absolutely necessary for your business and what you can afford to have without making much of a difference to the business. There are many different systems that can promote productivity and efficiency in the office so it is crucial that you decide on what your business needs and what can be put on a backburner for the time being. To make that distinction, below are some of the technologies that you must absolutely not ignore:

VoIP phone services

To communicate with your customers as well as suppliers you need a reliable phone system. Whether small or large, many businesses these days prefer VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) broadband phone services to traditional hard-line phone systems. You can easily integrate new features into your existing VoIP system without the need to install hardware or even engage grouchy technicians. Communication provided by VoIP is flexible and efficient and it is very economical for the business.

Cloud storage system

Business users can migrate applications to the cloud and also utilize it for many very capabilities. It is advisable to use the cloud for storage and disaster recovery. In case of power outage, power surge or any other disaster when the systems in the facility are inoperable, you can still access important content.

Tablet computers

Many small businesses owners really favour tablets because they are portable and compact, boot rather quickly and have a long battery life. For people who are out on the field most of the day, a tablet enables you to be connected without having to carry around a relatively heavier laptop. That apart, tablet PCs have fast been replacing traditional equipment like scanners, fax machines or even cash registers.

Accounts on Social media

Even though most businesses have their official websites, not many have used social media to their advantage. A variety of organizations look at social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, as crucial resources and an effective way to connect with the customers. It has been noted that the 140 character limit on Twitter can be made use of to rouse clients’ interest in new products and offerings.

Smartphones like iPhone and BlackBerry

One of the greatest gadgets that business owners and consumers alike can benefit alike is the smartphone. Devices like iPhones and BlackBerry offer a wide range of executive-friendly utilities, remote-access solutions, productivity tools, and related applications that give the users the power to control all the aspects of their business right in their hands while being on the move. You can organize calendars, memos and tasks, contact information, etc. further adding to the qualities of the smartphone that make it an extremely important tool for business owners and consumers.

Portable memory devices

With memory storage devices like USB pen drives, thumb drives or flash drives, businesses can not only manage but also protect proprietary information, which lets them securely store and transport documents, presentations and other business data. Password-protected flash drives can be opted as cost-effective substitute to expensive encrypted hard-disks and software.

Notebook or laptop

Desktop PCs are no doubt very important but laptops or notebooks make a lot more sense as far as businessmen who need to travel frequently are concerned. If you get a laptop with the same processing power and memory as your desktop PC, the former will be equally efficient along with giving you seamless remote user experience assurance.

Unified communication programs

Business scenario is ever-evolving. In such an environment, administrators must provide platforms that can keep co-workers connected while communication takes place with the clients too. Businesses must bring in the latest unified communications programs with a dynamic range of resources to fulfill the needs of communication. With messaging platforms in place, the staff can quickly contact each other; further, videoconference platforms can facilitate face-to-face connections.

Company website

Yellow Pages are no longer sought by consumers as the first option for business information. More and more users are now turning to search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask Me, Microsoft, etc. That essentially means if your company does not have an online presence then it does not even exist. The website is the business owner’s virtual visiting card. Your clients and suppliers can communicate with you through email even if you are not available on the phone during regular business hours.

Bookkeeping software

In any business, every single penny is important. Therefore, you need to have an eye on how much you are earning and spending. A check on income, expenses and customers is of the essence and accounting software can track all such financial data and then provide the reports and instruments that come in handy to manage bills, inventory and payroll efficiently.

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