Apple Starts the Week off with WWDC

Apple pretty much monopolized the week’s tech news with it biggest conference of the year WWDC. Apple announced the usual new hardware and software updates iOS, MacOS and WatchOS. Apple announced huge updates to the iPad and unveiled a new speaker with built-in Siri called HomePod.

Amazon Killed Off Unlimited Cloud Storage

Amazon pulled a Microsoft OneDrive and did away with their unlimited cloud storage plan and made it a 1TB Plan for the same monthly cost.  Amazon who had the best deal in online storage unlimited for $59.99 now has been replaced with the standard cloud storage tier system we all have come to know and love.

Orange is the new Black Season 5 Debuts

One of Netflix’s breakout original series Orange is the new Black go live for streaming today June 6. I have not watched the series myself but there is no denying the popularity of the show with fans. The series has been the attention of many bloggers and has brought in many subscribers to Netflix.

Verizon is expected to cut 1,000 jobs after accusation of Yahoo and AOL

This is a very common thing when companies get taken over and in this case a much-needed one. While it is very unfortunate to see anyone lose their job in this economy, AOL and Yahoo are two companies that have been losing money for years and need a restructure if they are going to survive and be profitable again. That being said it does not make people losing their jobs any easier.

Google Releases Chrome 59

Google keeping up with technology released Chrome 59 with some updates to make a better browsing experience. Some include native notifications on MacOS, Image API changes and service worker improvements.

Microsoft Outlook Adds Contact Editing for iOS and Android

Microsoft has been working hard to make Outlook the mail client that everyone wants to use on their phone whether its Apple iOS or Android. Microsoft’s Outlook Team in their recent blog post even says “Outlook for iOS and Android is on a mission to help you accomplish more with your email and calendar while on the go.”

Skype is Ending Support for Windows Phone, RT, and TV Skype Users

On July 1 of this year, Microsoft will end support for Windows Phone, Windows RT and Skype TV in an effort to move their entire platform from a Peer to Peer system to a cloud-based operation. The infrastructure build was done earlier this year Microsoft was waiting to make the move to allow users time to upgrade and make the appropriate changes needed before they cut over Skype.