An online business can only be successful if it’s constantly growing and enticing new customers. However, a business owner who is busy answering email, solving billing issues, making calls and tackling other similar tasks doesn’t have the time to create new ways to grow the business. That’s why many business owners turn to virtual office services. When an owner gives these tasks to capable virtual assistants, he or she has the time to create some imaginative ideas. Look at three examples of what business owners can accomplish when they assign everyday tasks to virtual assistants.

Build on the Popularity of Certain Products

With extra time, a business owner can look at the features of his or her most popular products and add more desirable features. For instance, an individual who owns a business selling scented candles discovers that candles with a fruity scent are particularly popular with customers. This is likely to lead to the creation of more candles with fruity scents. Also, the owner may decide to expand the variety of candle sizes available and come up with different holders for the candles. All of these ideas have the potential to boost the bottom line of the owner’s business.

Learn More about the Tastes of Customers

An owner may take more time to focus in on customer feedback. This means visiting social media pages and emailing customers to get feedback about the products they bought and the service they received. Today, social media makes it very easy for owners to get immediate feedback on all aspects of their business. This sort of information is extremely valuable to the owner of any type of business. For example, the owner may find that many customers are complaining about slow shipping. In response, the owner can change the way his or her products are delivered. Or, perhaps the business owner finds that customers are raving about the ease of using a particular product. The owner can take this information and create similar products that may appeal to the same customers as well as attract others. An owner can also use social media to create buzz about upcoming products. An owner who takes in customer feedback is bound to discover ways to improve the business and garner more sales.

Communicate with Others in the Industry

Sharing ideas and communicating with other professionals in the industry is a great way for a business owner to come up with innovative ideas. In fact, an owner can learn a lot from the successes as well as the mistakes of other entrepreneurs. Plus, owners can establish connections with other business people. This can be helpful if a problem comes up in the business and help is needed from someone more experienced with the situation. Alternatively, an owner can offer his or her help to individuals just starting in the industry.

It is surprising what the owner of an online business can accomplish when he or she has more free time. Virtual assistants can take necessary tasks as well as stress off an owner freeing the person to fulfill the highest goals of the business.

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