I recently became a cord cutter we canceled our local cable and decided to go to the internet only to help cut back on the monthly household bills. We looked at a lot of different services like Sling TV and DirectTV Now but decided the cost we for the channels we wanted was too great.

We decided on YouTube TV. I want to point out that for us YouTube TV had all the channels we wanted plus the live TV aspect that my family likes for shows like America’s Got Talent, Shark Tank, and a few others we like to watch live.

YouTube TV may not be a good fit for you as a cord cutter when deciding which service to go with you need to look at what channels you watch the most and see what each service is offering at what price point that’s affordable for you.

YouTube TV was right for us with 35 channels, live tv and DVR option with no storage limit. YouTube TV was great because we have a chromecast on every tv so we did not need to spend any money on hardware. YouTube TV is $35 dollars a month with 6 accounts per household. All the streaming is in High Definition (HD) by default you don’t have to pay extra.

The one thing I don’t like is you have to turn on your location service turned on all the time you want to use YouTube TV since it uses that information to determine what syndication of FOX and other channels you are supposed to get for local programming. The only situation I don’t like with this is when I was traveling certain programming was not available but when I was home it was I guess Google is still working out some of the kinks since product just launched. There should be a way to mark you home as your location but that’s a minor issue.

The DVR option for recording live TV works great and if you missed a few episodes almost the entire season is available on demand. The only issue I ran into was CW shows like Arrow or Flash are available on CW website sooner than they are available on YouTube TV. Since CW TV has chromecast option on their website and app I just chromecasted from them a few times. I recorded a few sitcoms off FX and you can fast forward through the commercials just like you can we a hardware DVR box.

You can access most movies and shows on demand on almost any channel which is a huge plus for me I like on demand programming and content. I had no issue with chromecasting despite using a generation one chromecast. I know Google says there could be an issue I have not had any issues. I don’t really watch sports so I cannot really review that feature I have watched the news on it a few times and it worked well. I think this is a great service for cord cutters there are still some channels that are not available but since the service is so new it’s only a matter of time till we get all the channels on YouTube TV.