• April 24, 2019

    Only On Google Fi

  • SiriusXM hasn’t wasted any time in capitalizing on its acquisition of streaming service Pandora. Following an exec shakeup and the launch of a Pandora-powered music station across both services, SiriusXM is today bringing some of its top talk shows to Pandora, where they’ll be listed as “podcasts.” At launch, content from nearly two dozen SiriusXM shows will make the jump to Pandora, including those hosted by Andy Cohen, Ricky Gervais, Kevin Hart, Hoda Kotb, Jenny McCarthy, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, Sway and others. The shows won’t necessarily be offered in their entirety, but instead will bring their top moments and highlights to Pandora listeners. Via Techcrunch
  • April 18, 2019

    SiriusXM and Pandora Launch Pandora Now

    Pandora is bringing SiriusXM into the modern music age by first launching a new resigned app that was leaps and bounds over what SiriusXM had been using. Then SiriusXM live radio and OnDemand content became available on smart speakers which is something users have wanted for years. SiriusXM then added Apple Airplay and Google Chromecast support to their app which is another feature uses of SiriusXM have wanted for years. Then SiriusXM decided to add hundreds of on demand playlists based on popular stations. Now SiriusXM and Pandora have launched Pandora NOW which is the first station that combines the technology of Pandora with the huge music library of SiriusXM. On SiriusXM blog it says “Pandora NOW brings SiriusXM subscribers and Pandora listeners the hottest songs and newest releases from hit artists including Cardi B, Ariana Grande, Post Malone, Khalid, Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny, and more. The best part? Listeners get to say which songs make the cut: Pandora NOW is refreshed daily with tracks that are voted most popular by millions of your Pandora Thumbs. To celebrate today’s launch, multi-platinum R&B superstar artist Khalid, one of Pandora’s most-played artists, came to SiriusXM’s Rockefeller Center studios to push the button making Pandora NOW live.” For SiriusXM subscribers check it out on Channel 3 and Pandora ad-supported and Plus listeners check out the interactive station. For Pandora Premium listeners check out the curated playlist. SiriusXM promises more from Pandora soon.
  • Cast SiriusXM from your phone to any TV with Chromecast You can now enjoy SiriusXM on devices with Chromecast. Listen to your favorite channels, watch Howard Stern video including amazing interviews and performances Cast over 200 channels, plus thousands of hours of On Demand content, right to any Chromecast device or devices with Chromecast built-in. Plus, watch hours and hours of Howard Stern videos including interviews and performances any time you want. Via SiriusXM This is a way overdue feature Pandora was the right partner for SiriusXM hands down.
  • Pandora radio has been around since 2000 and is considered by most to be the big brother of the streaming media business. While Pandora was revolutionary for the time as services like iTunes, Spotify, iHeartradio, TuneIn and Rhapsody went live Pandora stayed there course. While Pandora is still a great service they are not a popular full-fledged music service and have less then a six million paid subscribers but Pandora has one advantage they have tens of millions of free listeners. While Pandora has never given out an exact number the estimate is somewhere around 75 million people listen to free Pandora a month. Pandora has figured out the formula on how to make money by targeting the right music with the right ads at the right people. While Pandora at times has struggled to make money they understand the streaming radio business better than anyone. SiriusXM came out around the same time Pandora did and while they did great becoming a new format of radio they struggled to get a foothold on the app market. SiriusXM satellite technology for delivering radio was revolutionary for its time when no one had smartphones or data plans. At this time Pandora was still just a website and had several years to wait before smartphones are released. This a time when Yahoo and MSN still had web-based music services. When the iPhone released SiriusXM did not have a smartphone app however Pandora became one of the top downloaded music Apps on the iPhone App Store. Remember this is a time where the only subscription music services are Microsoft Groove and Rapsity. Apple iTunes is still paying as you go per song and Spotify is only in Europe. While SiriusXM had tremendous growth using the in the car radio model from the car manufacturers. Pandora...
  • This week on the show we talk about SiriusXM radio and the future of FM and AM radio. We talk about apps to use for live streaming of audio and video. We get into taking calls via Skype. We talk about famous podcasters and future of podcasting. We talk about Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube all offering live streaming and much more…..
  • November 5, 2013

    Art Bell Leaves SiriusXM

    Dark Matter is over only after 6 weeks this was on “Art Bell, the radio icon that joined the SiriusXM line-up on September 16th is leaving the air after just a month and a half.  While passionate satellite radio fans may not want to hear it, his reasons for leaving boiled down to three main things: – SiriusXM’s web player is notoriously unreliable, causing a loss of subscribers and a degraded listening experience for those who remain listening online. – For a “caller driven” show, the caller pool for art’s show is just too small. – International listeners have no legitimate way to hear the show. This is not the first time that we have heard issues relating to the Internet platform offered up by SiriusXM.  There have been a host of issues from the functionality to being booted off, to having longer shows reset from the beginning after an hour and a half, making it almost impossible to listen to a 2 hour show on demand. When signed by SiriusXM, Bell had only glowing things to say: “SiriusXM is the perfect fit for me and my new show Art Bell’s Dark Matter,” said Art Bell. “Though invisible, dark matter accounts for gravitational forces observed in the universe—expect these forces to be at work in the uncensored, unrestricted creative arena of satellite radio, a medium with truly extraterrestrial reach.” It would appear that after just a short period of time, second thoughts emerged. The departure of Bell, as unfortunate as it is, should be a signal to SiriusXM.  The company has a compelling product, great content, and great potential, but in some ways has lost the edge that it once had.  The frustrations of Bell can be heard on other channels as well.  Opie & Anthony, Howard Stern, Jay Thomas,...
  • Art Bell, W6OBB and legendary late-night talk radio host is returning to the airwaves. Sirius XM will be the exclusive home to legendary nighttime talker Art Bell, marking his full-time return to radio with a new, expanded live, nightly call-in show on which he will explore the paranormal, unexplained and more with expert guests and listeners nationwide. Sirius is building a studio at Bell’s rural Nevada home where he will work. Bell’s residents is home to his antenna farm where he does a lot of work on the 75 Meter Band. W6OBB station equipment includes both an Icom IC-7800 and a Yaesu FTDX-9000. Of course, all that equipment would be relatively useless without good antennas and Art has an equally impressive antenna farm with thirteen towers spread over five acres of land that give him one of the strongest signals on the amateur bands. Art’s remote Pahrump receiver that can be heard from the S-Meter site is located several miles away at his KNYE-FM broadcast station. “Art Bell’s Dark Matter” will debut 9/16 on Indie, SiriusXM channel 104, airing nightly from 10:00 pm-1:00 am ET. Bell will host the show from his home studio in Pahrump, NV—near Area 51—opening the phones lines and inviting listeners and expert guests to join his uncensored, unscripted nightly conversation about a wide variety of topics including: the paranormal, near-death experiences, quantum physics, extraterrestrial life and the unusual. For some of us that are a fan of Coast to Coast AM Noory’s program is on later at night, so the two will not compete directly live.