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  • February 15, 2019

    App Marketing Ideas You Need To Try

    Creating an app is only half the battle because it doesn’t matter how excellent your vision is if nobody downloads it, or even knows it’s there.  Nothing is more disheartening than putting all that time and effort into your work only to not see it bear fruit, so it’s important to know how to get the word out. Marketing anything can be a time-consuming and frustrating task, so let’s look at some of the most tried-and-true methods of marketing your app and driving downloads. Get in Touch Don’t wait for your app to hit the market before you start marketing it. Before your team starts designing your next great app, start talking to customers. Tell them about the app, how it will benefit them, and why it’s going to be just right for them. Incentivize it for them to make it worth their time–offer them a discount for taking the time to discuss it with you. After you’ve chatted with them, take a few minutes to discuss their preferences–find out what they’re looking for in an app. this can help you manage expectations and get an idea of what people’s real needs and wants are. Keeping the customer engaged throughout every step of the process is critical for your business. Retain your customers by letting them know about your app’s idea and ask them what they would really like to see in it. How can you make the app more savvy and beneficial for them? Remember, your customer has their own audience and if you’re able to convince them, you’ll be hitting all the right notes to bolster your success and staying power. Leverage Facebook advertising to reach your ideal target audience. One of the most effective ways of marketing anything these days, app or otherwise, is Facebook marketing.  First,...
  • Never mind running mobile apps on a PC — Microsoft wants you to see your phone’s particular apps on a PC. At the company’s Surface event, mobile general manager Shilpa Ranganathan previewed a Windows 10 feature that would mirror your phone’s entire screen on the desktop. You could see and reply to a Snapchat conversation without having to reach for the device on your desk. It’s not certain when this will be available (it’s not part of Windows 10’s October Update), but it’s likely to be Android-only. It’s certainly a practical addition if you’re tired of switching devices just to keep up with every social network you use. Engadget There are programs that do this already but its nice that Microsoft will offer native support.
  • Microsoft has been working hard to make Outlook the mail client that everyone wants to use on their phone whether its Apple iOS or Android. Microsoft’s Outlook Team in their recent blog post even says “Outlook for iOS and Android is on a mission to help you accomplish more with your email and calendar while on the go.” The recent update for Outlook that now adds the much wanted and needed update that adds the ability to edit contacts right from Outlook on iOS and later Android. The Outlook Team completely redesigned the contact card to show more details including Latest conversations Shared Files Easier Calling and Messaging With Contacts The Outlook Team explains, “With our latest update, you can now add and edit contacts for and Office 365 accounts (support for Google contacts coming soon).” The Outlook Team went on to explain “While you can fully manage your contacts in Outlook, you can also save your contacts to the default Contacts app on iOS and Android. This allows you to easily see the name of a contact when you receive a call or text message from them, and view all of their contact information directly in the built-in Contacts app. Due to the underlying capabilities of iOS and Android, Outlook provides a one-way push of contact information from Outlook to your phone. Newly added contacts and changes made in Outlook will sync to your built-in Contacts app. However, edits made in the contacts app will not sync back to Outlook or your email service.” I am curious as to why Android is still in the works to some degree. I am sure this will be out soon may Android users are big Microsoft software users. This is a major feature update many of us that use the product...
  • October 13, 2016

    Top 5 Browsers for Android Devices

    In today’s date, Web browsing is the most essential application for your phone. It will be providing you with excellent features and amazing browsing experience. From last few years, internet has played an important role in the life of many people across the world. Therefore, downloading the best web browser for your device gets inevitable. Though, we are habitual of using our regular internet explorer on our mobiles, it is not giving us an expected outcome at the end of the day. Thus, we need to download Android web browser from the Google Play Store. So today we are here to discuss the top 5 web browser available for Android devices. Dolphin Browser Dolphin browser is free Android based web browser that has been a great success between its competitors. People are loving its features such as advertisement block, incognito mode, Flash support and gesture controls. Certainly, no other web browser can provide you with these features. Dolphin displays a high quality standard performance over its alternatives that is enough to make Dolphin on of the best Android web browser. Flynx Flynx has earned a spot for itself in the digital market today. Since its inception, it has proves to be the best Android based application. It provides you with extreme features that is impossible to ignore like quick links, bubble look, night mode and lightening fast speed. The app leaves you with an unexpected experience. The especial feature is when you click on a link, it opens in a bubble format for you to decide whether you want to read the searched result or not. The application is totally free for Android users. FireFox Since the inception of FireFox, it has been into fame for Desktop users. But since it has been launched for Android mobile, people have started...
  • The fast pace in which Android modeled cellular products surely have cornered a huge share of the mobile phone marketplace has got pleased designers all over the world. Throughout the previous couple of years, a large number of impressive mobile phones as well as PC tablet applications for Android are already created. Currently, Google’s Nexus 7 also has developed hills in the marketplace, and also it really is retailing such as well-known sizzling cookies. The achievement of Android PC tablets also has boosted the passion on the hills of Android PC tablet application development. You will find countless Android Operating-System tablets within the marketplace, and tablet revenue is anticipated to increase within the up-coming couple of months. Numerous companies, seeking to produce a fast track to make money, are struggling to locate the proper Android tablet apps creator regarding their mission. This kind of predictions is good for businessmen which works with Android tablet, because they can discover plenty of useful expert Android applications regarding their products. Still, Android currently has a number of PC tablet enhanced applications which you can utilize in your office to improve productivity. Here are the best Android Tablet Apps for businessmen, which are given below: Skype This really is the very first application to have in Android tablet for businessmen. Simply because professionals prefer to call people at no cost, they often really feel the importance to precede the information, and also they understand the value of immediate message services. Not just performs this unique application allow you to dial totally free Skype to Skype calls in excess of Wi-Fi and also 3G, however it additionally offers an excellent-speedy data transfer support. PhoneMyPC This is not the type of application you’re probably to make use of inside your workplace, however it does possess a...
  • March 15, 2013

    Samsung Unveils the Galaxy S4

    Samsung has finally unveiled the next in their line of globally available smartphones, the Galaxy S4.   The Galaxy S4 comes with Android 4.2.2 on board, making it the most up to date Android phone that isn’t a Nexus, but still packed with the latest from Samsung.  Samsung is making the Galaxy S4 available in Black Mist and White Frost on all four of the major US carriers as well as most of the major international carriers. Samsung has created what is essentially two phones here. There’s the Exynos based Octo-Core processor clocked at 1.6 GHz and the Snapdragon based Quad Core 1.9GHz processor. These two chipsets are expected to behave differently, but performance is supposed to be similar for most tasks between two chipsets. Regardless of which processor your carrier wind up with, your Galaxy S4 will also be packing 2GB of RAM and either 16, 32, or 64GB of storage depending on which model you purchase. Both the 2600mAh battery and the microSD slot are accessible though the removable rear panel, and the microSD slot can support up to 64GB. On the other side of that removable panel you’ll find a 5-inch Super AMOLED display with 1080p resolution at 441ppi, coming out just under the HTC One’s 468ppi at 4.7-inches. The 13MP rear camera and 2MP front camera are certainly the high end of what is now considered pretty standard fare, but the software that drives this technology is brand new. Samsung is placing a premium on the ability to use both cameras at once.  Whether you are video chatting, taking a photo, or recording video, you’ll be able to use both cameras simultaneously. The front camera alone also gets some special treatment, being capable of 1080p video at 30FPS. Read Full Article
  • This is a great instructional video on how to find a MAC address on an Samsung Galaxy Android.  A lot of people setup wireless security to filter by MAC address. This video helps you find what your wireless MAC address is for your phone.  A mac address is 12 character hexadecimal number.
  • June 12, 2012

    TuneIn Radio App Review

    TuneIn is a new way to listen to music, sports and news from every corner of the earth, with over 60,000 radio stations and 2 million on-demand programs.  This is a great app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.  The free version is add driven with limited features.  The free version only limits you to live feeds no recording function.  The Pro version of this service lets you record all of this to your iPhone, iPad or iPod.  The website even allows you to listen to shows right online. Tunein Pro allows you to have extra features like: Record, pause and rewind any station as you listen Set timed recordings for your favorite programs Tune in to CBS, ESPN, TEDTalks and more! Add stations, songs, and shows to your presets Wake up with the alarm clock or fall asleep with the sleep timer Play your programs in the background while you use other apps I have to say I enjoy listening to good radio shows and I have used programs like and a few others that allow you to record radio and are good services but I find this app easier, much better looking and smoother.  Whether you are using the free version or the paid version this is the ultimate app for radio listening.