In today’s date, Web browsing is the most essential application for your phone. It will be providing you with excellent features and amazing browsing experience. From last few years, internet has played an important role in the life of many people across the world. Therefore, downloading the best web browser for your device gets inevitable.


Though, we are habitual of using our regular internet explorer on our mobiles, it is not giving us an expected outcome at the end of the day. Thus, we need to download Android web browser from the Google Play Store. So today we are here to discuss the top 5 web browser available for Android devices.

  • Dolphin Browser

Dolphin browser is free Android based web browser that has been a great success between its competitors. People are loving its features such as advertisement block, incognito mode, Flash support and gesture controls. Certainly, no other web browser can provide you with these features. Dolphin displays a high quality standard performance over its alternatives that is enough to make Dolphin on of the best Android web browser.

  1. Flynx

Flynx has earned a spot for itself in the digital market today. Since its inception, it has proves to be the best Android based application. It provides you with extreme features that is impossible to ignore like quick links, bubble look, night mode and lightening fast speed. The app leaves you with an unexpected experience. The especial feature is when you click on a link, it opens in a bubble format for you to decide whether you want to read the searched result or not. The application is totally free for Android users.

  1. FireFox

Since the inception of FireFox, it has been into fame for Desktop users. But since it has been launched for Android mobile, people have started to follow it regularly. FireFox is totally free to use. While some features are quite similar to the internet explorer, it is known for its special Android mobile use. FireFox provides you with features; privacy tool, desktop syncing, easy to use bookmarks, ChromeCast support, quick sharing, add – ons and notification for new updates in the browser. It’s definitely a very powerful application for internet lovers. Sooner or later this app is reaching to unexpected heights.  

  1. Ghostery Browser

For customers who are more interested in their device privacy, I strongly recommend you to install Ghostery Browser on your Android device. It is a great extension for your internet explorer as well as FireFox. It will allow you to track hackers and trackers for your website. It is a great application maintaining your privacy.

  1. Google Chrome

Well we are talking about the most popular and efficient web browser for the year. Many people have this web browser pre installed in their devices. It can be synced with your Google Chrome on desktop. The designing and the features are installed in such a way into the application that you’ll fall in love with it in almost seconds. It’s just like your internet explorer but with extra features added as well as a new user interface to use.

  Final Words

These applications are one of the best apps available for Android users. They are surely going to change your browsing experience. Over time, while using these apps you can recognize the difference by yourself. They are quite interesting use and easy to explorer.

Author Bio

Swati Sharma is an avid tech-enthusiast and geek. She writes at where she covers topics related to gadgets, apps and operating systems.