• March 22, 2019

    Apple Hardware Week

  • New AirPods Are Powered by the New H1 Chip and Feature 50 Percent More Talk Time, Hands-Free “Hey Siri” and the Option of a Wireless Charging Case Apple today announced new AirPods, the second generation of the world’s most popular wireless headphones. AirPods revolutionized the wireless audio experience with a breakthrough design and the new AirPods build on the magical experience customers love. The new Apple-designed H1 chip, developed specifically for headphones, delivers performance efficiencies, faster connect times, more talk time and the convenience of hands-free “Hey Siri.” AirPods come with either a standard charging case or a new Wireless Charging Case for convenient charging at home and on the go. The new AirPods and AirPods with Wireless Charging Case are available to order on and the Apple Store app starting today, and in Apple Stores beginning next week. Via Apple
  • Recently four companies have been battling to be the most valuable in the world. – Amazon – Microsoft – Apple – Google Apple was the first to become a Trillion dollar company followed by Microsoft. It should be noted that this back and forth of who is the most valuable company in the world is happening in part for several reasons. The first reason is Microsoft turning the company around under the new leadership of CEO Satya Nadella and a large bet on cloud being the future of Microsoft. Software as a Service (SaaS) is the backbone of Microsoft’s success with Azure, Office 365 and Windows Store being at the forefront of Microsoft success. Microsoft has seen growth in the Azure space jumping 90% a quarter. The second is Google is really the only player in the search market and has no real completion in the largest part of their business. Google has had major success in diversification getting into mobile with Android and moving Chrome from a browser to its own operating system and moving Gsuite into the enterprise. Google is one of the best ran companies in tech. Amazon is another company like Google in a league of their own they are the largest online retailer and the only company to offer any service like Prime as a bundle. Amazon manager to start a new market with Alexa the same way Apple started the smartphone market with the iPhone. Amazon to this day is pretty much the only game in town for books and have now moved into to grocery store business. Jeff Benzo knows what he is doing. Another reason is Apple has been a victim as of late of the change in industry market. For over a decade Apple enjoyed constant growth and record hardware sales...
  • September 5, 2017

    Apple AirPods Review

    I finally got my Apple AirPods which I ordered months ago and finally received. I have to say I am very impressed with the Apple AirPods. Apple is known for very tightly connected hardware and software and the Apple AirPods are no exception. I have to say I almost gave up on the Apple AirPods the 6 to 8 week turnaround time has been going on since January and looks to keep happening the long and short of it from Apple is the AirPods are so popular they can’t make them fast enough.  AirPods, which lists for $159 dollars on Apple site are really amazing and fit the Apple feeling of “it just works”. You take the AirPods out of their box, open up the lid to the case and a pop-up window appears from the bottom of your phone’s screen, asking if you want to connect your new AirPods you press the very large “Connect” button, and you’re done. The same worked for my MacBook Pro.  The AirPods after they are connected every time you take them out of the case and put the AirPods in your ears, a bright ding will let you know you’re connected to your phone. The AirPods feel great in my ears and I can leave them in for hours without any issue.   After testing many Bluetooth devices I got the best response and sound quality while on phone calls from AirPods. I can be honest my music sounds great but the Bluetooth SOL Republics has better sound quality but lacked very much in the phone department. I love using the AirPods for phone calls above all else. They’re the first Bluetooth headphones that sound as good as if I’m holding my phone to my ear. I think this great phone call capability is because of the dual-mic setup Apple is using. Apple also using noise-canceling tech that uses subtle vibrations to know you’re speaking. All together I think what Apple lacks in sound quality it makes up for by being one of the clearest remote-input devices I’ve ever used.  I make a lot of phone calls and really...