The tablet computer device, whilst a relatively new gadget, has eaten into PC sales since its introduction two years ago. Smaller and lighter than the laptop, they are fast becoming the computer of choice for many people. But how do the laptop and tablet compare when it comes to functionability? If you’re stuck between the two, these are some factors to consider.

Tablet Vs Laptop: Price & Value

Whilst a laptop or a tablet are both expensive purchase, cheaper tablets like the Kindle Fire HD and the Nook HD have emerged more recently. However, do they offer value for money?

The cheaper tablets are fine you are simply looking for a device for watching, listening and reading, but when it comes to productivity they don’t offer much. If you take into account that the upfront cost of these tablets doesn’t include the cost of additional apps, the extra costs hike up the price.

If you are looking for a higher priced tablet you will find they do more than the consumption tasks, but you will also pay a lot more than for the Kindle Fire HD for example.

If you want a portable and truly powerful piece of technology, there is no comparison to a good quality laptop. Whilst they do cost more than a tablet, laptops are much better for work tasks and have far greater storage.

Tablet Vs Laptop: Movies & TV

Tablets are often used as portable televisions because they have multiple ways to stream or download films or TV programmers through the internet. Their large yet light screens are perfect for long journeys and even watching in bed. In comparison with the laptop, they have low power consumption, giving you more time to watch films without charging. As they come with cellular connection, tablets make streaming and downloading simple no matter where you are.

Tablet screens are small in comparison with laptop screens and restrict viewing for more than one person at a time. Sound is another issue, as many tablets require speakers or headphones for a good quality sound. Laptops often have good quality speakers inbuilt.

Tablets low storage space can be an issue when downloading and storing films or TV programmes.

A tablet is only really suitable for watching programmes on the move, whereas a laptop with a large screen is a good substitute to a home television. Whilst you may want the addition of a good sound system, laptops benefit from having an inbuilt disc drive, which means that you can watch DVDs on your laptop, a feature the tablet doesn’t offer.

Tablet Vs Laptop: Music & Radio

Music storage is stored mostly on electronic devices now due to the rise of the MP3. The tablet benefits here from its portability, making it more convenient for listening to music on the move.

However, most people these days listen to music on their MP3s or smartphones, using their PC more as a music storage device than anything else. This is where a laptop benefits, as it has much greater storage capacity.

Tablet Vs Laptop: Homework & Office Work

The laptop is undoubtedly at an advantage in this aspect. Although there are various keyboard additions that can attach to the tablet, there is no substitute for a PC is you will be using it mainly for work. All office and homework tasks will benefit from the use of a laptop thanks to the inbuilt keyboard and full access to Office software.

However, there are still some work situations that may benefit from a tablet. If you do a lot of work on the move, the tablet’s transportability is a benefit, as is its longer battery life and cellular connectivity. Also, if your work is primarily internet based, a tablet could be all you need.

When it comes to making a final decision between a laptop and a tablet, it comes down to your individual needs. Before you make the final decision, think carefully about what you will be using it for. Don’t let yourself be taken in by the latest technology or design gimmick. Choosing an expensive piece of technology is not a decision to make in a hurry; it is a long term investment which will affect how efficiently you complete numerous tasks in this technological age. Choose carefully.