• October 18, 2013

    Tablet Vs laptop

    The tablet computer device, whilst a relatively new gadget, has eaten into PC sales since its introduction two years ago. Smaller and lighter than the laptop, they are fast becoming the computer of choice for many people. But how do the laptop and tablet compare when it comes to functionability? If you’re stuck between the two, these are some factors to consider. Tablet Vs Laptop: Price & Value Whilst a laptop or a tablet are both expensive purchase, cheaper tablets like the Kindle Fire HD and the Nook HD have emerged more recently. However, do they offer value for money? The cheaper tablets are fine you are simply looking for a device for watching, listening and reading, but when it comes to productivity they don’t offer much. If you take into account that the upfront cost of these tablets doesn’t include the cost of additional apps, the extra costs hike up the price. If you are looking for a higher priced tablet you will find they do more than the consumption tasks, but you will also pay a lot more than for the Kindle Fire HD for example. If you want a portable and truly powerful piece of technology, there is no comparison to a good quality laptop. Whilst they do cost more than a tablet, laptops are much better for work tasks and have far greater storage. Tablet Vs Laptop: Movies & TV Tablets are often used as portable televisions because they have multiple ways to stream or download films or TV programmers through the internet. Their large yet light screens are perfect for long journeys and even watching in bed. In comparison with the laptop, they have low power consumption, giving you more time to watch films without charging. As they come with cellular connection, tablets make streaming...
  • November 16, 2012

    Amazon Sells Kindle At Cost

    Amazon doesn’t make a dime in profit from sales of its Kindle e-readers and tablets, according to the company’s founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. Bezos has been quoted as saying “We sell the hardware at cost.  We want to make money when people use our devices, not when they buy them.” This is the first time Amazon has confirmed long-held Wall Street assumptions that it did not make a profit on sales of the popular tablet.  Previous estimates have suggested that Amazon might even sell some of its Kindle products at a slight loss. The aggressive pricing furthers the company’s goal of getting Kindle tablets into the hands of as many buyers as possible to sell Amazon’s online content games, books and video. Google has been another company that sells their Android OS at loss on the hopes of making a profit elsewhere.   Google’s business model involves getting paid automatically any time you use an app or visit a website. Apple, by contrast, makes much of its profit from hardware sales. It sells a single-sized iPad at costs ranging from $399 to $829, depending on storage capacity, screen resolution and wireless connectivity. Bezos has said repeatedly over the years that Amazon’s business model is to survive on slim profits.  The Kindle is seen as more of a gateway to the many products sold by the website.  Amazon has profited by this as there product is build on the droid OS and price point is affordable for most people.  I think Jeff Bezos business model is smart for an online retailer.
  • September 7, 2012

    Amazon New Kindle Fire HD

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled two new Kindle Fire HD tablets on Thursday the event was held Santa Monica, California. At the event Amazon unveiled the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD which launches Sept. 14. They also unveiled a 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD which will be available Nov. 20 that they believe can compete with the iPad. Amazon has added new features to make the Kindle more affordable and have more features so they can compete with the iPad. Amazon showed off new features such as: Whispersync for Games which allows levels you’ve unlocked so be stored in Amazon cloud so that you don’t lose them when and if you have to re-install a game, or if you want to move your game to a new device. FreeTime mode which lets parents set the amount of time the device can be used specifically for playing games, as well as for things like watching videos and reading books. Profiles is another feature which means you can adjust FreeTime mode limits based on each child who uses the device. Skylanders Cloud Patrol which will now have the ability to purchase the physical toys that goes with the game directly from within the game itself. One click and will deliver it to your doorstep Leaderboard system which lets players compare their scores and achievements against those of their friends. X-Ray for Movies and Textbooks allows directly integrates IMDB into any movie. You can look up any actor or actress in any scene; see what other films any actor or actress has been or stared in. In addition you get their photos and bios just with one click. X-Ray for Textbooks integrates the glossary of the book into each page and assembles related data from Wikipedia and YouTube. Immersion Reading integrates Amazon and Audible invented allowing customers to fuse together printed text and audiobooks....