As many of you know I have had issues in the past with hard drives and being a Mac user at times I was always upset that spin rite was not supported on a Mac without jumping through hoops. I recently found Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery online and have tested and used it and it’s actually a great product I would recommend if you are a Mac user like myself.

The first thing I like about Stellar Phoenix is a simple interface.

You pick what you want to recover

mac data recovery

Then what drive you want to recover

data recovery on Apple

Then you get a preview of your data and can decide where you want to put the recovered data.

apple itunes

One thing really nice about Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is you can recover data off of encrypted hard drives, boot camp partitions and time machine backups with is more than Spin Rite could ever do for me. The fact that you can recover data off a machine after deletion, formatting or corruption really shows this software has their act together.

The one thing is a well put together piece of software does not come without a good price tag $79 dollars for the basic since system license with all the recovery tools. The Premium is $99 dollars which give you everything included in professional plus Video and JPEG repair tools. The Technician version gives you everything in Premium plus a 3 system license.

If you don’t have a mac and still want this great product Stellar Phoenix makes a data Data Recovery Windows and for iPhone that is available at about the same price point as the Mac version.

I have looked for data recovery solutions for macs for a long time and believe me when I say there are a lot of them but very few good ones on the market. I would recommend this software to anyone needing data recovery on any Apple Mac.