Star Trek The Next Podcast

Today on the podcast we are joined by guest Howard Magnes and this is an all Star Trek episode. We talk about the Star Trek reboot by J.J. Abrums. We get into Next Generation and Original Trek. We talk about the characters and the impact the show had on space travel of today.

Join Us Today As We Discuss….

  • Difference Between KIRK and Picard
  • Movies vs TV Shows
  • Klingon’s make over (No headridges now they have them)
  • Talk about spin offs Deep Space 9, Voyager, Enterpise
  • Structural Integrity Field
  • JJ Abrums and The Trek Reboot Alternate time line
  • William Shartner vs Chris Pine
  • Life support systems how they would be useful on mars mission
  • Even Movies Are Better Then Odd Ones Theory
  • Fandom (Star Trek Continues and phase 2)
  • Away Missions
  • Never let women at driver seat
  • Generations changing of the torch