The Sony wh-1000xm4 are an amazing headphone. I hands down can say they have had the best noise-canceling features I have seen of any headphones I have tried and for those of you that read the site you know I review a lot of headphones.

To start with the noise cancellation is amazing I walked through the mall the day after Christmas it was crowded and loud. I walked right through the mall with just the noise cancellation on and no music and I could barely hear the sound around me. This feature is so great due to the five-microphone setup they added to help with noise canceling.

The navigating through songs was great with no physical buttons on either cup Sony got the song navigation right on the Sony wh-1000xm4. This is a feature I love and was a major plus for me when I reviewed the Microsoft Surface Buds. To skip forward you swipe forward on the cup back is swipe backward and for volume up and down you swipe up or down on the cup and tap once or twice to stop or skip a song.

With 30 hours of battery life, the Sony wh-1000xm4 is amazing last me days without a charge and charging using a USB-C connector. Sporting Bluetooth multipoint makes them just slightly more convenient in everyday use by letting you connect to two devices at once which was not capable of the previous xm3. The mx4 has added wear detection to help with battery life this is also not something available in the mx3 models.

Just like before they have a button at the bottom for an Assistant that you can add via the companion app to be the Google or Alexa, assistant. They fold the same way as well to allow for easy carry just like before.

The thing I don’t like about them is the simple design they do not look very stylish at all they have a very understated design and look really plain. My biggest gripe is the build quality I know they are plastic, but they feel very cheaply made. I know they are designed to be light on your head but the Surface headphones 2 and Beats By Dre are light but still feel well made these feel and look like a cheap pair of headphones.  I know the old saying could be said sound quality over style and while I agree they could have made them with a little better plastic.

If you want the best noise-canceling headphones with great sound quality these are the headphones for you. If you are going to be traveling with them, I would get the warranty my concern with these is the build quality I am not sure how durable they will be I would recommend as well using the case for extra protection.