The Microsoft Surface Earbuds released on May 12th and the reviews have been mixed, to say the least. I have had a chance to review them and give my honest feelings for the product.

Sound Quality

I do feel the sound quality on the Surface Earbuds is good it’s on par with a pair of earbuds. While they sound good they don’t blow me away for that price but they still sound good.

I  the EQ capability in the app which I think is amazing and I really think that Apple could learn from this in the future by adding this to the AirPods.


To me, they did fit ok in my ears. Fit is a tough thing cause everyone’s ear is different I like the way the regular Apple Airpods fit in my ears so if they don’t fit good for you then these might not be right for you. In my case, they fit great but they do stick out of your ears and do get snagged from time to time on sweatshirts and things like that. For me, that’s not a huge issue. I thought the fit and comfort was great.


One thing I do a lot with my headphones is to talk on the phone. Many people said to me I sounded good when I spoke to them. Since this needs to be a killer feature for I am very happy.


While the controls have one side to change the volume up or down and on the other side to move to the next song which gave me no issues. However, I can see this type of control being an issue if they don’t fit right in your ears as they would keep falling out from touching them. For me not an issue.

The one thing about the controls is they do let you move back and forth through PowerPoint presentations when you have them paired with a Windows 10 PC. You can read replay and delete emails with them in Outlook.

However, if you use Office365 on a Mac that feature is not available.

Battery Life

The battery life was really good with them listening to music and making calls and I think at times they are better than Apple Airpods or Airpod Pros. Surface Earbuds are much bigger than Airpods so I think that’s why they outperform with the battery because they can hold a lot larger battery charge.


They are kind of difficult to take out of the case since there flush in the case you need to pick them out with your nail kind of strange.

They are huge in your ears and stick out.

I have heard a lot of complaints about static when listening to music. (did not happen to me)


I really like the longer battery life.

I like the small compact case.

Love the integration with Office365.

Final Thoughts

To me, these earphones fit a need and are more of a lifestyle brand design. They are designed for the office worker who does not need noise-canceling and needs to keep them in their ears all day without needed to charge them. I do like the touch controls better than the AirPod I don’t have to keep touching the stem-like I do on AirPods. With this, I can just swipe and get back to work it’s less motion. I don’t need to tap the end of the stem 1,2 or 3 times its just swipe and go and I love the long battery life.

I did not think I was going to like these headphones but I do and I am kind of shocked I do this is a product Microsoft did right.