My wife and I recently started using SetTV for cord cutting our cable service. SetTV, from what was advertised is good but does need some work.

SetTV only works with Android so if you are an iOS user you are out of luck, however, a desktop app is available for macOS and Windows. So the only platform lacking is iOS. When it comes to set-top boxes only Android TV is supported and Chromecast if you cast the entire screen of your phone. No support for tvOS just yet from Apple.

One thing great about SetTV is the price, $20 dollars for everything is a great price and I mean everything all channels including premiums like HBO and even adult channels. Which for $20 dollars is a great price when you consider HBONOW is $15 dollars a month just by itself.

The one downfall is there is no DVR everything is either live or on demand which is not bad and SetTV has told me there is a DVR feature coming soon called CatchUp. Every channel has on-demand viewing including all movies and series on premium channels.

One thing I don’t like is on the Android App you have a program guide which is not available in the desktop apps for Windows and macOS. The desktop version has a channel guide but no program guide.

The only gotcha with this is $20 dollars it only gives you a three device license.  In my case with my wife’s phone, my phone and the Android set-top box in our bedroom we are maxed out on licenses. I understand this as a feature to keep users from sharing accounts but it’s kind of annoying. Since there is no way to view in web browser say like a Netflix or YouTube TV you’re very limited as to where you can watch programming.

I think the app for Android is great and honestly, I could see this being a viable cable replacement with the Android set-top box for a person that maybe only watches TV at their home like my parents or maybe only watches TV on maybe 3 devices. For a family all with their own devices, I don’t think this would work out well. I do think the channel lineup has much more to offer then a YouTube TV or a Hulu Live I find it to be a good service for the price but does need some work.