The Technology Geek – Episode 16

Today in this podcast we discuss

Wearable Computing

Netflix’s ‘Hemlock Grove’ Releases Creepy New Trailer

HBO Go “maybe,” “could” evolve into a broadband-based subscription

New OS X Trojan Adware Injects Ads Into Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Google Fiber Expands To Olathe, Kansas

Apple Hires Former Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch

YouTube breaks records with 1 billion monthly users

Google boasts 4 billion hours of YouTube viewing per month

Apple Releases iOS 6.1.3

The Washington Post To Charge Frequent Users Of Its Web Site

Senate embraces Internet taxes

Google Glass: Orwellian surveillance with fluffier branding

Google Glass: The opposition grows

Dropbox acquires Mailbox

New Star Trek Trailer Up

Samsung to open 41 stores in the Caribbean

Julius Genachowski  FCC chairman Steps Down

Apple ID password reset exploit reportedly in the wild

Apple adds two-factor authentication to iCloud and Apple ID

WWE Paul Bearer

BBC Weather’s Twitter Hijacked By Pro-Assad Hackers

Botnet steals ‘millions of dollars from advertisers’

China chooses Ubuntu as state-endorsed operating system

Mailbox e-mail app signs up 1 million users

Apple leads, Dropbox gains in cloud storage wars

Massive cyber attack on South Korean banks and TV broadcasters

New James Bond Coming Out In 3 Years

World War Z

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recovers Apollo spacecraft engines from the bottom of the ocean

Windows 7 SP1 Update to Be Forced Onto Everyone Today

FCC cracks down on campaign robocalls to cell phones

Reddit launches first original video series: ‘Explain Like I’m Five’

Google Play Store may be getting subscription News section

Windows XP getting blue screen after removing rootkit?

I am upgrading from XP to Windows 8 will it be slow?

How do I print from a tablet or smartphone?

How can I get rid of the echo I’m getting on my laptop?

How can I get a system restore disc?

Why did my computer start crashing after installing Windows 7?

Why do my Craigslist postings keep getting flagged?

I keep getting fake Paypal emails in yahoo?

How do I get video with my podcast?

How do I get rid of inappropriate content on reddit?