The Technology Geek – Episode 12

Today in this podcast we discuss

BitTorrent Launches Dropbox Alternative

10 Years After SQL Slammer Jan 25

Trojanized SSH Daemon In the Wild, Sending Passwords To Iceland

Julian Assange Pans WikiLeaks Movie

Microsoft Blames PC Makers For Windows Failure

How Newegg Saved Online Retail

New York Times says targeted by China hackers after Wen report

Office 2013 release

Bing rolls out five apps for Office 365 and Office 2013

House of Cards: Why Netflix’s $100 million gamble doesn’t fully pay off

Facebook Earnings Beat, Shares Sink: What’s the Deal?

Windows 8 60,000,000 copies

Dell founder reportedly plans to spend $1 billion of his own funds to regain control of company

Mozilla Recognized as Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy

More Than A Dozen Brands Of Security Camera Systems Vulnerable To Hacker Hijacking

150 Copyright Notices For Mega

Team GhostShell Exposes 700k accounts from African universities and businesses

Russian Hackers Behind Gozi Malware charged for Infecting Millions users

Anonymous hackers deface United States Sentencing Commission website

Hundreds of SSH Private Keys exposed via GitHub Search

Seagate reaches 1Tb per square inch, hard drive to reach 60TB capacity

Privacy at risk as Path app lets location data slip

Remote Root access vulnerability in Routers with Broadcom chipsets

Hackers breach Twitter and 250,000 accounts compromised

Win $13,500 bounty to hack Kim Dotcom’s Mega encryption

Buffer Overflow vulnerability in VLC media player

Chinese Hackers hit New York Times and Wall Street Journal

Netflix launches all 13 episodes of ‘House of Cards’

Temple Run 2 scores record as fastest-growing mobile game

Second life users wed

Verizon launches prepaid plans for 3G phones starting at $60

Apple, HBO reportedly in talks to bring HBO Go to Apple TV

How can I fix a corrupted virtual hard drive?

What’s the difference between Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365?

How can I scan text into my computer?

How do I fix a failed Android update?

What bluetooth do you recommend for iphone?

How can I get my copy of Microsoft Office which I bought with my gateway installed on Windows 8?

How can I move iTunes to an external hard drive?

Can I replace a failed motherboard on my dell desktop computer and now I get windows Genuine Advantage?

I have a 4w handheld with a loose screw rattling around what should I do?

What do you recommend for 2 meter ham radio?