The Technology Geek – Episode 10

Today in this podcast we discuss

Time Warner Cable, Netflix at odds over ‘Super HD,’ 3D

Netflix scores Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and more Time Warner content

Microsoft challenges poor grade for Security Essentials

StumbleUpon cuts 30 percent of its staff as it seeks profits

Aaron Swartz’s Passes Away

EBay sales climb 18 percent to $3.9B in fourth quarter

Microsoft ‘to replace Xbox Live voice chat with Skype

SkypeHide to Send secret messages into silence of Skype Calls

Lenovo enters the Chromebook market with the $429 ThinkPad X131e

CNET Forced to Pull Dish From CES Awards Over CBS Lawsuit

YouTube Is Ready to Invest in Vevo, but the Deal Isn’t Done

Cisco Linksys routers vulnerable to remote zero-day exploit

Oracle Patches Java Zero Day Vulnerability

Apple Ordering Less iPhone 5 Components

Facebook Graphic Search Revealed

Facebook’s Instagram continues to slide after an Internet uproar last month

Microsoft Silicon Valley offices raided with only iPads stole

IE10 for Windows 7 inches closer

Google Declares War on Passwords

What’s the best time tracking program for Mountain Lion?

What can I use for offsite backup iMac?

How should I backup my Android phone?

How can I make Windows 8 more like Windows 7?

My Windows 7 Computer keeps rebooting what can i do?

Can I get office on my mac?

Can I install wordpress on mac?

Is there a way to fix the screen on an old laptop?

I open a program then it crashes