E-mail is something that everyone uses for their business and personal use so e-mail needs to be kept safe.  Your password is not the only password you need to worry about, your contacts need to protect their passwords as well.

Safe Gmail is the closest thing to military grade PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) Encryption you can find in an e-mail extension.  When you encrypt your e-mail the only person that can read it is the recipient.  Both inboxes are encrypted so no messages can get stolen and after a certain time messages encrypted with Safe Gmail expired and get permanently deleted.

We have all see theses keys on the internet before

Lots of letters and numbers

What this extension does it make it easier for non computer savvy users to use these pgp keys by implementing a question and answer system or an agreed upon password.  The key is then sent into the Safe Gmail’s cloud and the message is sent straight to the inbox of the recipient to insure encryption.  Then the recipient decrypts the message in their browser so Safe Gmail never sees the message.

Safe Gmail is completely Open Source and has a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.  There are also mobile versions of this for iOS and Android phone.